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Jeannette Mills, Sr. VP and Chief Customer Officer

Mills2.jpgAs part of BGE’s recent upgrade to the customer care and billing system, we fine tuned the Budget Billing program to give participants an even more consistent average monthly bill.  Leveling out utility payments throughout the year helps customers to better anticipate costs and balance increased energy use when temperatures are at extremes against milder months when energy use is lower.
With this fine tuning, your Budget Billing payment is compared more frequently to your actual usage.  Going forward, your Budget Billing payment will be based on your average bill over a 12-month period, instead of the previous calculation that used 11.5 months.  As a result of these changes, you won’t make large overpayments or large payoffs throughout the year. Instead, you will get a more consistent bill for your budget.  
We’ve also changed where we display the Budget Billing information on the bill.  We now include your credit or payoff balances in the “Important Information about Your Bill” section on the left side of the first page of your bill.  This is where you can see the difference between what you have paid and what you have used.  One important change is that the credit calculation no longer factors in your next, anticipated payment as it did previously.  Today’s calculation only includes payments, credits, interest and energy use, and is a more accurate reflection of what you owe or are owed. 
What has not changed is the fundamental purpose of the Budget Billing program: to help you better anticipate your energy costs.  Also, any credits or underpayments that you accumulated prior to the program update have been carried over.
If you have questions about BGE’s Budget Billing, please review our Billing Options page which includes frequently asked questions about the recent program update.  You can also watch a video explanation of the Budget Billing program by one of our Customer Contact Center employees.  If you have specific account questions, these can be directed to us at 410.685.0123 or or  Please note that with BGE’s recent billing system upgrade, there may be higher-than-usual call and email volumes as we assist customers with the transition.


We appreciate your patience as we continue to make upgrades like this to help you better manage your energy costs.



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April 01, 2016JK says:
I liked the old way that Budget Billing displayed on the bill with the "Billed to Date" and "Used to Date" values.
The new way seems a bit shady. I guess I'm mad that I can't figure out how I went from a 121.66 credit to owing a payoff amount of 116.71 when I only used approx $130 worth of gas/electic during the month. I would think my payoff amount would be around $8-10.


Thanks for sharing your comment. Please email with your account information so our contact center can review your situation and respond to your concerns.
April 01, 2016Joe Hybdzinski says:
Pass on to whomever handles your website that the "Forget Login" information screen doe not load properly.

I forgot my password and my account was locked out. I tried to reopen it but could not because the page that I needed to re-enter my login information would not load the entire page. This has been a consistent problem with your site!


Thanks for sharing the issue. Your email address was passed along to our contact center. A Call Center Representative will contact you to provide you assistance.
April 01, 2016D. Amascato says:
I am extremely upset when I just received my BGE bill for Feb., my last bill reflected a CREDIT of over $324.00 and now this bill says that I OWE YOU $114.90. Where did my credit of over $300 dollars go!!!
Mr. Amascato,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have forwarded your email address to our Call Center so that a representative can contact you and discuss your account.
April 01, 2016Bill says:
It looks like you are stealing money from every budget billing member by the way you are displaying the information on the bills now. We shall see next month if this is true or not when you even up on our budget billing again.

My understanding from this article is that if I want to see my budget billing credit as it was displayed the old way I need to add what you list as a credit now on the statement to the amount of my budget billing payment.
We have changed the way we present the credit and payoff balances on bills for Budget Billing customers.

On previous bills before January 2012, the Budget Billing credit balance included the anticipated credit you would accrue when you paid the Budget Billing amount on your bill. Now, the calculation only includes payments, credits, interest and energy use from your current billing cycle. The credit listed in the “Important Information about Your Bill” section is your accurate balance to date, this is the amount your should reference when tracking your Budget Billing credit.

We hope you take a moment to view the video (mentioned in the blog) explaining more program details.

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