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David Conn, Director of Energy Assistance 
Davide100X100.jpgFor many of us, the crush of everyday life sometimes gets in the way of good intentions – especially when it comes to charitable giving.  We learn about a cause that unquestionably deserves our support, but we occasionally fail to make it to our checkbook, write out the check, find an envelope and a stamp and put that gift in the mail.

That’s why BGE today introduces a convenient program that will help you turn your good intentions into action, without so much as one extra stamp’s worth of effort.  The Dollar Donation Fund allows you to make small, regular donations to the Fuel Fund of Maryland to support their mission of providing emergency assistance for low-income families, and people in crisis, who cannot pay their gas, electric or oil bills, as well as assistance with wood, kerosene, and propane. Nearly 24,000 Central Maryland individuals received support from the Fuel Fund last year.

BGE’s customers have been incredibly generous in their support of the Fuel Fund.  Thousands respond every yearenvelope2.jpg when the familiar green and white Fuel Fund envelope arrives in their winter BGE bills.  With Dollar Donation, BGE customers will be able to choose an amount to donate to the Fuel Fund – either $1, $2, $5 or $10 a month.  BGE will add that amount to your bill and when you pay your bill in full we will forward your donation to the Fuel Fund.  One hundred percent of your contribution will go directly to the Fuel Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. For additional information, visit the Fuel Fund website.
All of your donations to the Fuel Fund will be tax-deductible to the extent permissible by law, and the Fuel Fund will send you a summary of your donations for your records after the end of the year.  You may stay enrolled for as long as you like, change your donation amount or withdraw from the program at any time.
To enroll in the Dollar Donation Fund, simply visit  If you can spare a dollar – or a greater amount – each month to help your neighbors in need, consider enrolling in Dollar Donation today and turn your good intentions into good works.


February 20, 2012Saundra Pearson says:
Seems like a decent program although I am not in the position to donate each month. I'll stick to just the one time per year contribution. You still will have the envelopes during Christmas?
We sure will, Saundra. Usually we include the Fuel Fund envelope in the December and January bills. Thanks so much for your generosity in helping the clients of the Fuel Fund.


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