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Jessica Baker, Senior Project Manager, Smart Grid

Jessica Baker.jpgIt’s that time of year again! BGE employees and contractors are grouping together to form green teams in hopes of spreading environmental awareness and  being the ultimate environmental activists in the 2012, company-wide Eco-Challenge.
The Eco-Challenge is a five day face-off which started this week and leads up to Earth Day, April 22. Each team is challenged to replace daily tasks with 25 greener alternatives. Activities can range from something simple, like bringing your lunch in a reusable container or switching your paper coffee cup to a reusable mug -  to more difficult tasks such as foregoing your car and taking advantage of public transportation or planting a tree.
Some other activities include:Youtube Screenshot.jpg
  • Lowering the temperature in your house
  • Adding a plant to your desk
  • Recycling electronics and batteries
  • Opting for paperless billing
  • Turning off desk lights
  • Conducting a paper free meeting
Last year, more than 50 teams, consisting of nearly 600 employees and contractors helped to reduce an outstanding 1.3 million pounds of CO2 in just
five days!
This year we hope to surpass those results and prove that even the smallest lifestyle changes can have a huge, positive impact on our Earth and our carbon footprint. We also hope to introduce employees and contractors and our families to everyday activities that are environmentally friendly.
BGE recognizes and embraces its responsibility to properly care for the environment. From recycling plastic bottles and paper, to using automatic sensors to shut off lights and monitors when not in use, the utility and its employees and contractors are always conscious about our environmental impact and look for opportunities to reduce our own energy usage, conserve resources, and eliminate waste – both at work and at home.
How is your household or place of business increasing its energy efficiency or reducing its carbon footprint? We’d love to hear from you.

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April 01, 2016Heather Tate says:
Having fun, while promoting a good cause. That's a challenge I can appreciate. I wish your event much success.

Thanks Heather!
April 01, 2016Judy Arizola says:
My job had almost the same thing taking place. We also set up a carpool list so that the co-workers that live in our neighborhood could carpool more conveniently. I think one or two employees might have decided to keep it up and split montly parking.

Thanks for sharing Judy. Saving on fuel and parking costs, that’s a win-win situation!

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