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Osprey Watch

Protect osprey and prevent power outages

Spring marks the annual return of ospreys to the Chesapeake Bay and also the likelihood that their nests will appear on BGE electric equipment. These nests endanger the birds and may cause power outages.

To protect the ospreys and help BGE continue safe and reliable delivery of electricity, the company has launched a nest identification program called Osprey Watch.

How customers can help:

  • When you see an osprey nest on BGE equipment, report the location of the osprey nest via and provide the following information:
    • If the pole is easily accessible, please send us the pole number, located on a placard near eye level on the pole.
    • If the pole is not easily accessible, please send us the nearest address to the pole and attach photos of the pole (taken from different perspectives if possible).

Once a nest is reported, BGE will remove the nest if no birds or eggs are present. The nest will be relocated where possible. If the nest is inhabited, deterrents will be placed on the electric equipment to shield the birds and nests and mitigate the risk of contact.





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Watch Ospreys:

In March 2016, BGE installed two live cams on platforms raised for osprey nests. Click below to view the cams and learn more about BGE’s role.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Camera

Severna Park Camera

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