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EVsmart Program General Questions

  • Why is BGE offering this program?

    • In 2013, along with nine other states, Maryland signed a memorandum of understanding on state Zero-Emission Vehicle programs. The EVsmart Program fits into this directive and will propel progress on Maryland's Air Quality and Chesapeake Bay goals. These include having 300,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. Studies show that to meet this goal, approximately 125,000 electric vehicles (EVs) would need to be added to BGE's service territory and about 27,000 public chargers would be needed. By offering the EVsmart program, BGE hopes to encourage more customers to adopt the EV lifestyle over the five years of the EVsmart program.
  • How is the EVsmart Program being funded?

    • BGE will seek recovery of the costs of the EVsmart Program from customers through electric service rates in a future regulatory rate review with the Maryland Public Service Commission.
  • Should I let BGE know that I purchased or leased an EV?

    • Yes. Registering your vehicle with BGE will help us assess your electricity needs and ensure the continued reliability of electric service in your community as energy demands grow. Customers can self-report their EV ownership to BGE here.
  • How many rebates are available through the EVsmart Program?

    • 1,000 residential rebates

    • 700 multifamily property rebates

    • 500 BGE-owned public charging network

EVsmart Residential Rebate

  • What is the amount of the EVsmart Level 2 smart charger rebate?

    • BGE residential customers can receive a $300 rebate after the purchase and installation of select Level 2 smart chargers at their home.
  • How do I qualify for the EVsmart residential rebate program?

    • You must be an active BGE residential customer and have purchased and installed an eligible Level 2 smart charger after July 1, 2019. You must have secure home Wi-Fi to operate your smart charger. Additionally, BGE must be able to access customer EV charging data. Limit one rebate per household.
  • How do I apply for the rebate?

  • Which Level 2 smart chargers are approved through the EVsmart residential rebate program?

Manufacturer​Model #
​ChargePoint​Home Flex
Enel X ​JuiceBox Pro 32 
Enel XJuicebox Pro 40
  • How do I purchase a Level 2 smart charger approved for the EVsmart residential rebate?

    • You can purchase an approved Level 2 smart charger directly from a manufacturer or through an online retailer.
  • What are the benefits of a Level 2 smart charger?

    • With a Level 2 smart charger, you can charge your EV up to 6 times faster than with a standard Level 1 charger using a wall outlet, adding up to 25 miles of range per hour of charging. You can also set charging reminders, schedule charging and track energy usage right from your smart charger app. In addition, select Level 2 smart charger models allow you to manage home charging with just the sound of your voice using Amazon Alexa.
  • How much does the average charger and installation cost?

    • The average Level 2 smart charger costs $500–$600. Installation costs can vary from $200 to $1,000, depending on your electrician and the extent of the work required.
  • Who will install my charger?

    • A qualified independent electrician can install your Level 2 smart charger for you.
  • When will I receive my rebate?

    • Once BGE receives a completed application and confirms the Level 2 smart charger is connected to the network, you can expect your rebate check in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
  • How quickly can a Level 2 smart charger charge my EV?

    • This depends on the size of your EV's battery and how depleted the battery is. An average EV can get a full charge in 4 to 6 hours using a Level 2 smart charger.
  • Will my electric bill increase?

    • Charging an EV will increase your home's energy use, so your bills are likely to rise. However, the cost of electricity is much lower than the cost of gasoline per mile traveled, so you could save 15% or more on fuel costs. These savings may be higher if you take advantage of off-peak charging rates and/or special utility EV rates. See electric rate options and benefits here.
  • What other incentives are available?

    • As a BGE customer, you could see additional savings on your home charger and installation through rebates and incentives offered by the Maryland Energy Administration. For more information, visit the MEA website.

EVsmart Multifamily Property Rebate

  •  How do I qualify for the EVsmart multifamily property rebate?

    • You must be an active BGE electric customer on Schedule G, GS or GL and own and operate the multifamily property. You must purchase and install an eligible Level 2 charger or DC fast charger (DCFC) after July 1, 2019. You will be required to provide BGE with charging data, as well as the costs the EV drivers pay to charge their vehicles.

  • How do I apply for the rebate?

  • What are the rebate amounts for this program?

    • BGE will rebate 50% of the cost of eligible Level 2 smart charging equipment, warranty and installation up to $5,000 per port. BGE will also rebate 50% of the costs of eligible DC fast charger (DCFC) equipment, warranty and installation up to $15,000. There is a maximum of $25,000 in rebates per site.
  • What brands and models of chargers are eligible through the multifamily property rebate program?


Network: ChargePoint
Contact Information:
Connor Anderson
669.254.1488 ​ ​ ​
Manufacturer ​Charger Type ​Model #
​ChargePoint​L2 ​CPH25-L18
​​ChargePoint​L2 CPF25-L18-CMK6
​​ChargePoint​L2 ​CPF25-L18-PD 
​​ChargePoint​L2 ​CPF25-L18-CMK6-PD
​​ChargePoint​L2 ​CPF25-L18-PD-DUAL
​​ChargePoint​L2 ​CPF25-L18-CMK6-PD-DUAL
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4021
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4021GW
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4023
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4023GW
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4011
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4011GW
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4013
​​ChargePoint​L2 CT4013GW
​​ChargePoint​DCFC CPE250C-625-CCS1-CHD

Network: Enel X
Contact Information:
Wesley Cravens

Enel X L2 Juicebox Pro 40 C
Enel X ​L2 ​Juicebox Pro 32 C
Network: EVConnect
Contact Information:
Steve Carr
BTC PowerL2 EVP-2002-30-P
BTC PowerL2 EVP-2001-30-P
BTC PowerL2 EVP-2001-30-W
BTC PowerL2 EVP-2002-30-W
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-321-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-612-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-611-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-311-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-312-002
ABBDCFC Terra 53/54 (50Kw)
ABBDCFC Terra 175HP (160kW)
BTC PowerDCFC L3S-50-480-01 (50kW)
BTC PowerDCFC L3S-25-480-01 (25kW)
BTC PowerDCFC L4T-100-480/L4D-350
BTC PowerDCFC L4T-150-480/L4D-350
BTC PowerDCFC L4T-200-480/L4D-350
Network: Greenlots
Contact Information:
Mar Kelly
NovaChargeL2 NC-7000
Efacec L2 L2 Public AC
EfacecDCFC QC-45
EfacecDCFC HV-160
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-321-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-612-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-611-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-311-002
EVoChargeL2 EVO32-312-002
Network: SemaConnect
Contact Information:
Joe Inglisa
SemaConnectL2 SC6-Full-P
SemaConnectL2 SC6-Full1-DP
SemaConnectL2 SC6-Full-W
Network: Siemens
Contact Information:
Anders Thulin


  • How do I purchase and install EV chargers approved for the EVsmart multifamily property rebate?

    • Please contact the network providers using the contact information provided above and request additional information about their products and services.

  • What other incentives are available?

    • BGE customers could see additional savings on charging equipment and installation through rebates and incentives offered by the Maryland Energy Administration. For more information, visit the MEA website.
  • What are the benefits of multifamily property chargers?

    • The number of EV owners is growing, and more existing and prospective tenants are expected to start requesting EV charging as an amenity. BGE's rebates help offset the cost of this investment to provide charging benefits to multifamily residents. Home charging currently makes up 75% of all EV charging, so multifamily property managers and owners are influential in increasing EV adoption.

Public Charging Network

  • What network of chargers are used for the BGE public charging infrastructure?

    • BGE is working with Greenlots to provide a reliable charging network to our customers.  
  • How much does it cost to use a BGE EVsmart public charger?

    • Customers will pay $0.18 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart Level 2 chargers and $0.34 per kWh to charge on BGE’s EVsmart DC Fast Chargers. BGE’s public charging tariff can be found here.
    • An average EV with a 60kW battery and a 200-mile range would gain about 3.3 miles of driving range per kWh of charge. This translates to about 24 miles of range for every hour of charging on the BGE Level 2 charger, which would cost approximately $1.30. Using a BGE DC Fast Charger increases the driving range per hour of charging significantly, charging an EV in a much shorter timeframe. Charging with the DC Fast Charger for 15 minutes would result in about 37 miles of driving range and would cost approximately $3.83.
  • • How do I use a BGE public charger?

    • To initiate a charging session on BGE’s EVsmart chargers, scan the QR code on the chargers using the Greenlots mobile app on iPhone or Android. Customers can also use Greenlots RFID cards to initiate charge sessions or pay via credit card by calling 855-900-PLUG (7584).        
  • What do I do if a BGE public charger is not working?

    • If the BGE public charger is not working, please call Greenlots at 855-900-PLUG (7584)
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