Construction and Remodeling

 Construction & Remodeling 

Whether you're planning new construction, increasing your energy service needs, or converting an existing home or facility to natural gas, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.
BGE offers programs and incentives that can help you improve your facility’s energy efficiency and your bottom line. Learn about energy-saving opportunities for your business at
Please take a few minutes to review the information here, then let us know how we can be of service.
To help keep your project on track, please make sure you download and review our Customer Information Booklets.
Project Process           Service Requests          Metering Manual           Service Change Needs
Project Process Service Request    Metering Manual      Service Change
   In order for BGE to work           Please contact BGE if you            The BGE Metering Manual             Whether you need to change
   efficiently with you, and to        need assistance with                    provides builders, developers       your service requirements
   help keep costs under             constructing a new                         engineers, etc. with a clear            temporarily or permanently, 
   control, we recommend           building or renovating an              reference for gas and electric        BGE can help you make the 
   following this process.             existing building.                            service metering requirements.    adjustment safely.
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In order for BGE to meet your requested service date, we strongly recommend that you submit the service application as early as possible in your planning process.


 Common Questions

If I am adding additional natural gas appliances to my home, will the existing gas service equipment meet increased demand?
​If you are planning to install additional natural gas appliances at your home, BGE will need to determine whether the gas service pipe and meter that supply gas can meet the increased demand.  BGE gas service pipes and meters are sized to handle standard applications—heating, domestic hot water, cooking and clothes drying. As explained in the gas service tariff, if an upgrade is required for standard applications for residences, BGE will provide whatever upgrades are needed except for the excess cost of on-site trenching through improved areas. If you add other non-standard equipment, such as whole-house generators, gas fireplaces and pool heaters, you may require an upgrade of the piping and meter to ensure a reliable supply of natural gas to all of your equipment. The cost of upgrades for non-standard applications is the responsibility of the customer. You will need to contact us to evaluate your gas service and meter capacity. To start the process, please click on the "More" link below for a link to the service application.
What happens after I submit the service application and the load information sheet(s)?
Your job will be assigned to a BGE Representative who will contact you about your project.  You may have to supply additional information to ensure we are able to provide you with a standard level of service.   A standard level of service includes: • One customer initiated job site visit for consultation • One cost estimate (the design and engineering cost will be included in the job) • One construction plan • One change to the construction plan   The BGE representative will provide you with a WMS Number. This number is our primary mechanism for tracking the status of your project. Please refer to this number when making inquiries.
How do I initiate a job with BGE?
Call us at 800.233.1854 with your request to install new gas/electric service, increase your electric service, or relocate your gas/electric service. BGE will mail you a Service Application or you may download a copy of the Service Application. Complete the forms and mail to: BGE - Customer Planning Department Service Application Unit 1068 N. Front Street, Rm. 500 Baltimore, MD 21202

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