Billing Options

 Billing Options 


Billing-Options.jpgBudget Billing

Budget Billing lets you spread out your annual BGE bills by spreading them evenly throughout the year subject to periodic adjustments, which better reflect your actual usage. Your account is reviewed throughout the year to prevent you from having a large deficit – or a large overpayment. If your payment amount needs to be adjusted up or down, we will notify you the month prior to the change. So with Budget Billing, despite unpredictable swings in the weather, your energy bills are still predictable. There is no charge for this billing option. To sign up, call 800.685.0123 or Contact Us.

Paperless Billing

BGE's paperless billing system allows you to receive and pay your bill online rather than in a paper format. As a paperless billing customer, you opt out of receiving a paper bill in the mail and will instead receive an e-mail notification each month allowing you to view and pay your bill online at BGE's website.
With BGE's paperless billing system, you have the ability to conveniently view and pay your bill online each month. You also have the benefit of saving on postage costs, decreasing the number of checks you write and reducing paper clutter - which also will help save trees and help the environment.  Enroll In Paperless Billing Now >

 After you successfully register your online account and set up your bank account information, you will receive a confirmation message through e-mail. Once you receive this confirmation, your BGE account will be ready to receive your authorized electronic payment from your bank through
Please note: Setting up a paperless billing account doesn't automatically withdraw money from your bank account each month to pay your bill. Just as you would choose when to mail your paper bill payment, you still control when to send your electronic payment to pay your bill.

Bill Extender Plan

If you live on a fixed income, such as Social Security, Disability, V.A. benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Family Investment Program (FIP) or a pension, you may be eligible for our Bill Extender Plan. For qualified customers, this plan extends utility bill due dates to a date more in line with your benefits. For more information, or to sign up, call 800.685.0123 from outside the Baltimore metropolitan area or Contact Us.

Third-Party Notification

BGE sometimes must turn off gas and electric service when customers don't pay their bills. Such a step is taken as a last resort. To help you avoid any unnecessary disruptions in gas and electric service, especially if you are ill, incapacitated, disabled or away from home, you can designate a third party to receive a copy of any turn-off notices. Your third party can be a relative, friend, or neighbor. For more information, or to sign up, call 800.685.0123 or Contact Us. Access an enrollment form for the Third Party Notification Program that you may print out and mail to BGE.

Financial Assistance

Bill payment assistance is available to qualifying households. Visit the energy assistance page for more information about how to apply for help.
BGE also offers several payment options. Which payment options work best for you?