Billing & Rates

 Billing & Rates 


bge-bills-and-rates.jpgCustomer bills are broken down to indicate charges for supply, the actual electricity, and delivery, and the process of getting that electricity to the customer.

Included with each month’s bill is a copy of ConnectionsConnections is BGE's monthly newsletter that provides customers with helpful information on energy safety, energy efficiency, billing options and more. The newsletter is inserted into each monthly bill statement or, for e-bill customers, as a link sent in your electronic bill notifications.

The amount a customer is billed each month is determined through a serious of rates and tariffs. The rates, terms and conditions under which a utility conducts its regulated business are set forth in its tariffs. In the tariffs, the utility's customers are separated into customer classes, which are large groupings of customers (such as residential customers, small commercial customers, large commercial customers, and street light customers) who have similar electricity service requirements.

The rates allow the utility the opportunity to recover its costs of serving these customers – including the costs of power, distribution to the home or business, taxes and surcharges mandated by the state. All of the rates, terms and conditions of service in the tariff are reviewed and approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.