BGE Energy Supply Options

 Energy Supply Options 

Your energy service is divided into two parts; supply, the cost of the gas and/or electricity, and delivery, transportation of the energy.  
Delivery is a regulated service—that means you have one company (BGE) that will deliver your gas and/or electricity. Since BGE delivers to all of the central Maryland service area, its costs and policies are regulated by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC).
However, the supply is not a regulated service. Energy suppliers that are licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission and registered with BGE can compete for your business. This gives you the choice of energy supplier—and even shop for the best energy rates and terms—if you wish. 
You can choose to purchase your gas or electricity supply from BGE at a price approved by the Maryland PSC. Learn more about Standard Offer Service >
BGE has a list of approved suppliers so you can make an easy switch. Learn more about Choosing a Supplier > 
Customers are increasingly supplementing their power supply with small generator equipment. Some residential customers want to have back-up power in the event of an outage, ensure power reliability or sell the power they generate to others on the power grid. Learn more about registering these power supplies and connecting them to the grid >