BGE Common Questions

 Common Questions 

What is a Choice ID Number?
​When choosing a supplier, customer should refer to the Electric and Gas Choice ID numbers on the back on their BGE bill. The Electric Choice ID number is located in the "Electric Details" portion of your bill and the Gas Choice ID number is located in the "Gas Details" portion of your bill. Choice ID numbers are not the same as your BGE account number, and competitive energy supplier will request your Choice ID Number when you sign up for or change your electric or gas supply plan. If you have already chosen a competitive supplier, you will not need to give them your new Choice ID number unless they request it.
Why is BGE encouraging me to review my energy supply choices?
BGE supports customers' right to choose their energy provider. BGE does not own electric generating plants or natural gas production facilities. We purchase the gas and electricity we sell to customers at a regulated price that reflects a market price at the time of purchase. Our profits are not affected by increases or decreases in the price of natural gas or electricity.
What should I look for in a new gas or electric supplier?
Before signing a contract with a new supplier, be sure the company is licensed by the PSC and registered by BGE. You will want to carefully compare the details of each supplier's offers. Does the supplier offer a flat rate, charge a variable market rate, or guarantee a discount compared to BGE's price? You should also consider the length of the contract term and ask if the supplier charges an early termination fee. Consider other factors that may be important to you. For example you may be interested in an electric supplier that offers “green” power, such as solar, wind or hydro power
How can I compare costs?
For electricity supply, use the Supply Price Comparison  , which also appears on your bill below the Summary Box, to compare BGE's prices to supplier offers. This price reflects the average annual price per kilowatt hour (kWh) for generation and transmission for a BGE customer in your rate class. It does not include the delivery price.
Do I have to choose a supplier or can I stay with BGE?
You can choose to stay with BGE. If this is your choice, no action is required on your part.
What happens if my supplier cannot meet my gas or electricity requirements?
BGE is the designated Provider of Last Resort for all customers. That means if your supplier fails to fulfill its contract with you, you are assured of receiving your supply from BGE, or you can opt to select another supplier if one is available. The only exceptions to the Provider of Last Resort designation are certain large commercial and industrial gas customers that have elected not to have BGE serve as their Provider of Last Resort.
What is BGE's role in Energy Choice?
BGE's role is to provide information to help you understand your gas and/or electricity supply choices. No matter who you choose to supply your gas and/or electricity, BGE will continue to deliver it safely and reliably to your home or business. BGE will continue to respond to emergencies and gas odors and to restore power during outages. Simply call 800.685.0123 or Contact Us.
How do I get information about other gas and electricity suppliers?
BGE maintains a list of all gas and electricity suppliers that provide energy to residential and/or business customers. All gas and electricity suppliers providing service to BGE customers must be licensed by the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC), and must be registered with BGE.   In addition, the PSC maintains a directory of gas and electricity suppliers that have met PSC and utility requirements to provide service in Maryland.   For the PSC directory of electricity suppliers: CLICK HERE   For the PSC directory of gas suppliers: CLICK HERE
Will I still receive just one bill from BGE?
The answer  depends on the supplier you choose. If a supplier uses BGE's billing system, the supplier's gas and/or electricity charges and BGE's delivery charges will appear on your BGE bill. Some suppliers, however, prefer to bill separately, in which  case your BGE bill will include our delivery charges only.
Can I still receive a Budget Bill from BGE?
If you purchase gas and/or electricity from a supplier, BGE will continue to provide you with a budget bill for the delivery portion of your bill. BGE will adjust your bill to reflect BGE charges only. If a supplier who uses BGE's bill offers a budget billing option, it can be included in the BGE bill.
If I have questions about my supplier's bill, do I call BGE?
No. If you are purchasing your gas and/or electricity from a company other than BGE, you should call that company with questions concerning the energy portion of your bill. You should still call BGE if you have any questions about the delivery portion of your bill.
What are slamming and cramming?
​​Slamming is switching a customer's energy supplier without the customer's authorization. Cramming is adding charges to a customer's bill for service that were not authorized by the customer. Both slamming and cramming are illegal. If you suspect you are a victim of either of these practices, call the Maryland Public Service Commission at 410.767.8000.
What if I sign up with a supplier and then change my mind?
After you have met the terms of your contract with a supplier, you are free to enter into a new contract, purchase your supply from a different supplier, or return to BGE supply. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have fulfilled the terms of your contract before you switch suppliers. Most suppliers have minimum contract requirements and some may impose a fee for early cancellation.
Why is BGE providing energy suppliers with a list of its residential customers?
To ensure that our customers are well informed about their energy supply choices, BGE supplies licensed gas and electricity suppliers a list that includes customer name, address and energy type (gas, electric, both) only.  Phone numbers are not included in the list.  If you do not wish to be included on this list please opt out through our online form.