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    Keys to successful use of services:
    1. Delete your cookies and temporary Internet files/cache. Close all browser windows for the changes to take effect.
    2. Configure your virus / security software to trust and Reference your security software documentation for instructions.
    3. Have a recent BGE bill handy and follow all instructions very carefully.
    Having trouble logging in?
    Please contact 1.800.685.0123 or submit a comment and we will be happy to assist. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
    Having trouble printing a PDF version of your bill?
    Please make sure you have Adobe Reader version 6.0.1 or newer. Please refer to the Adobe website for more information.
    If you have Adobe Reader 8.0 you may experience printed output pages with missing or no data. There are three possible workarounds for this problem:
    1. Adobe's suggested workaround - Print the PDF file as an image:
      • 1. Open the PDF
      • Choose File > Print, and then click Advanced.
      • Select Print As Image.
      • Click OK to close the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, and then click Print.
    2. Revert back to a previous version of Acrobat Reader to print.
    3. Print using a Postscript print driver if the printer supports Postscript.

Site Standards:

    View the Site Standards page to ensure that your computer  is set up for this site. 
For more information on BGE's customer account system upgrade, please visit our Customer Account Upgrade page.