BGE Ways to Pay

 Ways to Pay 


 Online                       By Phone                  In Person                  By Mail   

   You can sign up for                 You can use your checking,    Payments on BGE bill are       You can send a check or 
   automatic bill pay or sign       debit cards or credit card to     accepted at America's             money order to BGE to
   in each month to pay bills     pay BGE bills by calling           Cash Express and Global       pay bills. More>
   or view your account. More>  1.888.232.0088 More>             Express locations. More>


Payment Methods

Payment Option

Fee Automatic Payments Online Paperless Debit/Credit Cards None Yes Yes Yes None   Yes Yes  
Speedpay Online $2.00/3.2%   Yes   Yes

Speedpay By Phone 


$2.00/3.2% Yes 
None Yes  Yes  Yes 
By Mail Postage        
In Person None to $1.50*        
Personal Payment Plan None    Yes