BGE Our Safety Stars

 Our Safety Stars 

BGE Safety Star Rhonda C.BGE safety initiative is all-encompassing, and an integral part of its success is the recognition and celebration of our employees’ positive safety achievements and contributions. Congratulations to the following BGE Safety Stars for going above and beyond when it comes to safety.
Driving home from work one day, Meter Maintenance Representative Rhonda C. noticed that an electric meter was missing on a vacant house in her neighborhood. She stopped and discovered that there was no protective plate in place, as required. She tested the equipment, determined that it was energized and sealed the box. “Many children walk by that house every day, and I was very concerned about their safety,” Rhonda C. explained. “We can’t stop equipment theft, but we can work together to make sure our equipment is safe!”

Congratulations to Rhonda C. for putting safety first—both on and off the job!