BGE Imposter and Theft of Energy

 Imposter and Theft of Energy Awareness 

Preparing for a BGE Visit 
On occasion, a BGE employee or contractor may need to visit your home for scheduled or unplanned work that is necessary to ensure that you continue to receive safe and reliable service.  When work to be performed requires entry to your home, you or a responsible adult must be present. This is normally required when:
  • Gas leaks or electric emergency work is reported and we must access equipment located in your home
  •  Work or an inspection needs to be performed on equipment in your home or located in a gate-locked yard
  • Access to our equipment is restricted or prohibited because of an unsecured pet

Please make sure that meters and other electric or distribution equipment is free from clutter at all times. Also, please secure pets in a separate location when a BGE employee is on site. When equipment is located outside and access is not impeded by a locked gate or pet, you do not need to be present. 

BGE will contact you to schedule the appointment either over the phone or through the use of a door hanger. Once the schedule is confirmed and a good contact number has been obtained, BGE will provide a courtesy call when the technician is en route or near the vicinity. 
If you are unable to be present for work that requires access to your home or a locked/pet-occupied yard, please contact BGE at 800.685.0123 so we can reschedule a convenient time.

Guard Against Utility Imposters 

BGE cautions customers to be mindful of individuals who try to gain access to their homes by posing as utility workers. Utility impostors may carry "official" looking credentials and often work in pairs.
BGE recommends customers take the following steps to ensure their safety against impostors:BGE Sample Employee badge
  • Do not open your door to someone you don't recognize.
    • Ask for a photo ID through the door window. All BGE employees and contractors carry company ID badges displaying their name, photograph and identification number. To verify a BGE employee's identity or work being done, call us at 800.685.0123. Operators are available 24/7.
  • For your safety, BGE bills you for all work and will not ask for payment in person.
  • Report suspicious activity to the police. Customers who encounter suspected utility impostors are urged to immediately notify the police.

Please remember to share these safety tips with elderly family members, children and friends.

"Green Dot" Telephone Scam

In recent months, BGE has seen an increase in customers contacted over the phone as part of a scam. The callers claim to represent BGE and tell customers their service is scheduled to be terminated and that they should make a payment by purchasing a “Green Dot” Visa credit card. The customers are then directed to call another phone number where information is obtained from the credit card. This is a scam and the funds are not being used for a BGE bill. To avoid this specific scam, customers can ask for the name on the account, the address and the exact past-due balance. If the caller cannot provide that information, customers should not provide any payment or information.

BGE offers customers safe, convenient ways to make payments including calling the BGE customer contact center at 800.685.0123, online at, by mail and at authorized America’s Cash Express and Global Express locations. For any questions about accepted BGE payment methods, payment options, or to verify the identification of any persons requesting customer information or entry into a home or business, contact BGE at 800.685.0123.

Theft of Energy Awareness

Theft of gas or electricity is dangerous and against the law. Tampering with utility lines or meters or installing illegal connections creates dangerous conditions for building occupants and neighbors. If you know of or suspect any gas or electric thefts, call our BGE Energy Theft Hotline at 800.417.0294. You do not have to give your name; all information will be kept confidential.
A $90 fee will be charged where tampering is confirmed. Customers will also be responsible for the service used and the cost of repairs in the event tampering causes damage to BGE property. If utility equipment has been tampered with or if utility service is unsafe, it may be disconnected without notice.