BGE Electric Safety

 Electric Safety 


BGE trains its employees on electrical safety and we want our customers to be safe too.Safety is a top priority at BGE. We work hard every day to ensure safe and reliable service to all the communities we serve. Just as we provide information to help keep our employees safe when performing work in neighborhoods, we also want to make sure our customers know how to keep safe near energy equipment.

Downed Wires
During storms, wind and trees can damage utility equipment – resulting in downed wires. If you see downed electrical wires, stay away and warn others. Call BGE immediately at 1.877.778.2222 and a crew will be dispatched to fix the problem. 

Overhead Line Clearance
BGE urges you to stay away from overhead power lines.  If overhead lines are present and you or your equipment will be working within 10-feet of those lines, the law requires that you MUST contact BGE at 800.685.0123 prior to the start of any work. 

Electrical Surges
Electrical disturbances, known as surges, have a number of causes such as lightning or falling tree limbs. BGE recommends using good-quality surge protection equipment for all sensitive electronic equipment, or consider getting whole house protection to safeguard all of your equipment.

Electric Meters, Fuses and Circuit Breakers
Just like BGE works to protect the equipment that delivers electricity to you and your community, there are things that you can do to protect the electric equipment that serves your home.
Preventing Damage to Electric Equipment
It is extremely important to practice safety when working near overhead and underground electric equipment. By taking a few precautions and following laws such as the Maryland High Voltage Line Act and Miss Utility law, you can protect yourself and others as well as the electric equipment that serves you.
Keep Electrical Safety in Mind When Boating
Electric power lines can be located near waterways and sometimes cross waterways both overhead and underwater.  If you are boating, think about power line safety with these important precautions.
Contact Voltage Survey Program
BGE’s dedication to public safety is reinforced by its ability to prevent, detect and repair contact voltage through the company’s Contact Voltage Survey Program.