Planned Power Outage

 Planned Outages 

A BGE employee inspects a utility pole during a planned outage in order to ensure greater reliability.
Planned Electrical Outages
To provide you with consistently reliable electric service, BGE must maintain its electrical equipment. To perform this maintenance safely, we turn off the power in designated work areas for a short time. If work is scheduled in your area, we will contact you by mail well in advance and provide complete information including the date, time and length of the outage.
Occasionally, we will cancel a scheduled outage due to severe weather or other operating conditions.
  • To determine the status of your outage, please reference the Planned Outage Job Number on your notice and refer to the list below.
  • Some outages may be canceled on very short notice, so check this page often for the most current information.
  • A listing of any canceled outages is also available by calling 410.597.6660.  
Outage#Outage dateStart TimeStatusDuration
100263Tuesday 08/04/201503:00 AMIn Progress2  
100156Monday 08/03/201511:30 AMOn Schedule3  
100309Wednesday 08/05/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
100555Tuesday 08/04/201501:00 AMOn Schedule4  
98393Monday 08/03/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
99176Tuesday 08/04/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
99450Wednesday 08/05/201511:30 AMOn Schedule3  
100895Tuesday 08/04/201502:30 PMOn Schedule3  
101117Friday 08/07/201501:00 AMOn Schedule4  
101147Monday 08/03/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
100879Wednesday 07/29/201509:00 AMCanceled2  
100888Thursday 08/06/201510:00 PMOn Schedule7  
101018Tuesday 08/04/201508:30 AMOn Schedule6  
101685Thursday 08/06/201510:00 AMOn Schedule4  
101155Thursday 08/06/201501:00 AMOn Schedule4  
101183Wednesday 08/05/201501:00 AMOn Schedule4  
101224Tuesday 08/04/201511:30 AMOn Schedule3  
101112Tuesday 08/04/201501:00 AMOn Schedule4  
102560Thursday 08/06/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
101865Wednesday 08/05/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102645Friday 08/07/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
102735Thursday 08/06/201502:00 PMOn Schedule3  
102771Tuesday 08/04/201509:00 AMOn Schedule7  
102839Thursday 08/06/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102314Thursday 07/30/201508:30 AMCanceled3  
102855Wednesday 08/05/201508:30 AMOn Schedule6  
102551Tuesday 08/04/201502:00 AMOn Schedule2  
102685Tuesday 08/04/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102612Friday 08/07/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102248Wednesday 07/29/201512:00 PMCanceled3  
102315Saturday 08/08/201512:01 AMOn Schedule8  
102549Tuesday 08/04/201512:01 AMOn Schedule2  
102715Thursday 08/06/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
102629Saturday 08/01/201506:00 AMCanceled4  
101103Monday 08/03/201501:00 AMIn Progress6  
102705Monday 08/03/201509:00 AMOn Schedule3  
102887Friday 08/07/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
102917Wednesday 08/05/201509:00 AMOn Schedule8  
102494Wednesday 07/29/201508:30 AMCanceled2  
102966Tuesday 08/04/201509:00 AMOn Schedule2  
102972Wednesday 08/05/201509:00 AMOn Schedule3  
102368Thursday 08/06/201509:00 AMOn Schedule7  
102562Wednesday 08/05/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
102563Thursday 08/06/201511:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102936Wednesday 08/05/201508:00 AMOn Schedule3  
102474Monday 08/03/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
102967Monday 08/03/201512:01 AMIn Progress3  
102532Tuesday 08/04/201508:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102326Thursday 07/30/201511:30 AMCanceled3  
102616Friday 08/07/201511:30 AMOn Schedule3  
102843Tuesday 08/04/201508:30 AMOn Schedule4  
102554Tuesday 08/04/201504:00 AMOn Schedule2  
103316Saturday 08/01/201512:00 PMCanceled6  
103019Wednesday 08/05/201508:30 AMOn Schedule8  
103312Thursday 07/30/201505:00 AMIn Progress153  
103158Wednesday 08/05/201509:00 AMOn Schedule4  
103178Friday 08/07/201509:00 AMOn Schedule7  
103149Monday 08/03/201506:00 AMCanceled8  
103021Friday 08/07/201508:30 AMOn Schedule6  
103037Thursday 08/06/201509:00 AMOn Schedule6  
103139Thursday 08/06/201511:00 PMOn Schedule5