BGE Planting in the Right Place

 Planting in the Right Place 

By following our guidelines for planting near power lines and ground-level transformers, you can plant trees and shrubs that will enhance your landscape without interfering with utility equipment.
Remember to dig safely - call Miss Utility at 811 or 800.257.7777 or visit
Planting Around Power Lines
For safety and service reliability, BGE must keep clear the 'wire zone' located at the top of each pole. Any tree that grows higher than 25 feet is not suitable for areas near power lines. Use this planting guide, select the right tree(s), and talk to your landscape designer. Plant taller trees away from overhead utility lines:
 Graphic illustration of the proper and safe distances to plant trees or shrubs near BGE electric or gas lines.
BGE recommends that customers avoid planting trees and shrubs directly below power lines to limit the potential for safety and reliability issues in the future. However, if you choose to plant directly below power lines, please select trees and shrubs that will grow to a maximum height of 25 feet.  Learn more about Choosing the Right Tree, including specific tree species and associate heights.

Planting around Transformers
Working space is needed for BGE crews to check and service ground-level transformers. Following are suggestions and guidelines for planting around ground-level transformers.
Plant ID Description Quantity Mature Height
1 Cuspidata Capitata
(Pyramidical Yew)
3 2 - 3 ft.
2 Berberis Julianae
(Julianae Barberry)
8 18 - 24 in.
3 Ligustrum Lucidum 8 24 - 30 in.
4 Abelia Grandiflora
(Pale Pink Abelia)
4 18 in.

Graphic illustration of the proper and safe distance for planting trees or shrubs near transformers.

The eight foot (8') working distance needed in front of the transformer door is the minimum distance required.
The two foot (2') minimum clearance for shrubbery around the sides and back of the transformer is for the mature width of the shrub.