BGE Smart Energy Rewards

 BGE Smart Energy Rewards® 

BGE Smart Energy Rewards banner- Healey, Seamus and Yenny have learned to save energy while saving money
BGE Smart Energy Rewards® is a voluntary program that helps you earn credits on your summer electricity bills. All BGE customers with a smart meter are eligible to participate in the program. There's no enrollment required and no obligation to participate. Simply reduce your electric use and save. The power to save is yours! Read Energy Savings Day tips.
Why BGE created this program
The BGE Smart Energy Rewards program was designed to encourage customers to use less electricity when energy demand is high. Managing summer peak demand helps reduce the need for power generation plants, helps keep down the overall cost of electricity, and eases the burden on electricity systems.
If you also participate in PeakRewards, visit to find out how the two programs work together.
Photo example of how the more energy you save, the more bill credits you earnYour Smart Energy Rewards credits vary depending on the amount of electricity you reduce on Energy Savings Days. You can earn a bill credit of $1.25 for every kilowatt-hour saved compared to your typical usage. To learn what your typical electricity usage is, log into your online account and click “My Energy Use”.
Your credit will appear as “Smart Energy Rewards” on your summer BGE bills. Based on results from summer 2014, participating customers saved, on average, $5-$8* per Energy Savings Day.
 * Your actual savings will vary.
Customers should exercise discretion and consider health impacts when reducing electricity. This program supports the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act.