Smart Grid

 Smart Grid 

Smart Grid gives you the tools to make a difference

Smart grid is a far reaching solution to help you better manage energy and save money each month. But what is it? A “smart grid” is an electric “grid” that delivers power from suppliers to customers like you. A “smart grid” updates the electric grid with digital computing and two-way communication technology that will give customers more energy-saving control, reduce overall costs and increase reliability.

Smart Meters

A smart meter is an electric meter that allows two-way communication between the meter and BGE through a wireless network.

Installation Schedule

BGE began replacing 1.3 million electric meters and upgrading 650,000 gas meters for the Smart Grid system.

BGE Smart Energy Manager®

BGE's Smart Energy Manager (SEM) allows you to view detailed information on your energy use and helps you find ways to reduce it.

BGE Smart Energy Rewards®

BGE Smart Energy Rewards is a voluntary program that helps you earn credits on your summer electricity bills.

Smart Grid Data Privacy Policy

BGE’s Smart Meters communicate customers’ electric and/or gas use and the timing of that use to the company covered in this policy.

 Common Questions

What is a smart meter? What is the benefit of the smart meter?
In late 2012, customers with smart meters will have access to  tools to help  tracking and manage energy use, as well as personalized energy-efficiency tips.  Starting in  2013 and rolling out as more customers receive smart meters, customers will have the opportunity to participate in peak events to earn credits on their bills. Peak event reports and savings summaries Bill credit programs Starting in 2013, smart meters will also assist BGE during outages as we will be able to communicate with the meter to learn if your service has been restored after an outage.  You will still need to call to report an outage and any other issues you observe in your homes and neighborhood, such as downed power lines.
What is a smart meter?
A smart meter is a digital meter that allows two-way communication between your home and BGE via a wireless network.
Why is BGE installing smart meters?
The electric utility industry is modernizing its system by transitioning from analog to digital communications.  to operate its electric system. In addition, BGE is working with the Maryland Public Service Commission to help meet state energy-reduction goals, and installing smart meters, which will eventually enable you to better manage your energy use, is a critical part of that effort.