BGE Smart Meter Opt Out/Deferral

 Smart Meter Opt Out/Deferral 

Can I opt out, or choose not to have a meter installed?
On February 26, 2014, the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) made a decision on smart meter opt out and related costs for customers who do not want a smart meter. If you choose to have a smart meter installed, or keep the smart meter that is already installed, these fees will not apply to you.
What if I told BGE I wanted to opt out, but now I changed my mind and want a smart meter?
If you previously told BGE that you did not want a smart meter, you can change your mind. Learn how you can opt in.
Why should customers have to pay if they don’t want a smart meter?
If customers determine that they do not want a smart meter, there are operating costs related to supporting this option, including maintaining a manual meter-reading staff and a dual billing system as well as the need for  IT system modifications  and increased customer support.   The PSC has determined that customers should bear the appropriate costs for these additional operations that are outside of the utilities’ plans for the current system upgrade.
What if I opt out of my current residence and then move to another home. Do I have to pay the initial opt out fee twice?
​Customers who do not want a smart meter will only pay the initial $75 fee once.  If they move and do not want a smart meter at their new residence, they will have to inform BGE of their new information. They will continue to pay the monthly opt out fee of $11.
I am an TOU customer. Can I stay on the TOU program if I opt-out?
​As BGE transitions to smart meter technology, customers will need a smart meter in order to participate in the Time of Use (TOU) rate program.  For customers currently on TOU who wish to opt out of smart meters, you will be transitioned to standard rates
If I decide to opt out, when will I see the new charges on my bill?
If you decide to opt-out, the charges should appear on the bill for your next billing cycle. You will receive a letter from BGE confirming that you have opted out and that you will start seeing the charges.    Opt-out fees are an initial one-time charge of $75, paid in three monthly installments of $25, and an additional monthly recurring fee of $5.50. The fees will be a total of $30.50 each month for the first three months, and $5.50 each month beginning on the fourth month. The opt-out fees will be itemized on your bill.   If you change your mind after opting out and decide you would like to have a smart meter installed, please call BGE at 855.470.8800. If you receive your first bill with opt-out charges, and you contact us to arrange for your smart meter installation before the end of your next billing cycle (30 days from the “billing date” in the summary section of your bill), we will credit the opt-out fees back to you. After this period, the opt-out fees will not be refundable.​
If I opt out of having the electric meter upgrade, does that mean I can’t upgrade my gas meter?
If you inform BGE that you want to opt out, according to the PSC order, you will be opting out of both the electric and gas meter upgrades.  The opt-out fee of $75 initially and $5.50 a month will cover both meters, you will not pay a fee for opting out of each meter separately.​
What if I already have a smart meter and don’t want it?
​Customers who already have a smart meter still have to option to opt out.  Please contact BGE with your request to remove your smart meter.  BGE will exchange your meter for a standard meter.  Please allow some time for this meter exchange as we work to meet the needs of all our customers.