What is a Smart Meter?

 Smart Meters 


In spring 2012, BGE began installing state-of-the-art digital electric meters and upgraded gas meters across our service area. We are more than half-way through this initiative that brings many operational efficiencies and benefits to customers including:

  • Energy tracking and bill alerts
  • Personalized energy efficiency tips
  • Bill credits for participating in energy savings programs
  • Information to assist with restoring service after an outage

If you don’t yet have a smart meter, we will be in your neighborhood soon! When you receive a postcard or letter from one of our installation vendors, Corix Utilities or Grid One Solutions, please call the number provided in the mailing to schedule your smart meter installation. If you are unsure which vendor is installing meters in your area, please call BGE at 855.470.8800.

For upcoming smart meter information sessions and other events in your community, visit the community outreach calendar.


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