Getting a BGE Smart Meter

 Getting Smart Meters 

A few weeks before your installation, you will receive a postcard informing you of when your new meter will be installed or, if your meter is inside your home, providing you with instructions on scheduling an appointment. For outdoor meters, you will not need to be present for installation. 
BGE is working with two installation vendors, Grid One Solutions and Corix Utilities, to install meters in our service territory.  If you have received a postcard or letter from one of these installers, please call the number provided in the mailing to schedule your smart meter installation.
If you are unsure which vendor is installing meters in your area, please call BGE at 855.470.8800. Please note we may not be installing smart meters in your specific neighborhood at the time you call. If so, you will be scheduled for installation for a date in the near future.
After your smart meter is installed, you will receive an information packet notifying you that you have access to BGE Smart Energy Manager, which provides you with the tools necessary to better understand how you use your energy, and how to better save energy and reduce your bills.
If you do not wish to have a smart meter installed, you must pay the related fees of choosing an alternative meter option. Learn more.