What is a Smart Meter?

 Smart Meters 

Smart meters are advanced meters that identify energy consumption in more detail than a conventional meter. They look much like the electric meters that are in your home now, but their technology is far more advanced. They have the ability to communicate information via a secured network back and forth between your home and BGE.
In spring 2012, BGE began installing state-of-the-art digital electric meters and upgraded gas meters in every home and small business in our service area, a process that will take about three years.
Your new or upgraded meter will not immediately provide benefits upon installation.  However, in the coming months, as more smart meters are installed and technologies are put into place, BGE will show you how to use the many new features available to you. Features include:
  • Energy budgeting and tracking
  • Personalized energy efficiency tips
  • Peak event reports and savings summaries
  • Peak event web notifications
  • Smart energy pricing programs

To learn about smart meter information sessions and other events in your community, visit the community outreach calendar.


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