Save with your Heating and Cooling

 Heating & Cooling 

Generate savings with heating & cooling tips
Heating & Cooling accounts for as much as half your home’s energy use. Get the most out of your heating and cooling systems by learning how to use the energy in your home more efficiently. The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® also provides a variety of discounts and rebates to help you cut your energy cost, save money and improve the comfort and quality of your home.
Central Air Conditioners    Heat Pumps                    Gas Heat                       Thermostats
Example of photo of air conditioners.Example photo of a heat pump.Example photo of a gas heat flame.Example photo of a thermostat.
Central air conditioners are split      The heat pump is a great choice    Follow these energy saving tips    Consider a programmable
systems; an outdoor unit and an      for heating your home and is          to conserve your home's energy.   thermostat that will automatically
indoor unit.                                            ideally suited for our region.            Learn more>                                      change to your desired temperature
Learn more>                                         Learn more>                                                                                                    settings at certain times of the day.
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Weather Stripping

Use weather stripping to seal drafts around doors and windows.

Improve Central Air Efficiency

Replace weather stripping and caulking around windows, doors and other areas to improve the efficiency of your unit.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat designed specifically for a heat pump, can help efficiently regulate your home’s temperature.

  • Heating & Cooling Rebates

    Save up to $1,150 with rebates on high-efficiency equipment and services, while improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

  • Peak Rewards

    PeakRewards is a program designed to help ease "peak" demand for electricity in our region. It is a component of the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® which allows customers to conserve energy, save money, and help the environment. PeakRewards is available to BGE residential electric customers regardless of their choice of electricity supplier.