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Let's keep building what's important to all of us


This past year has helped renew our focus on the things we value most. A thriving community that is full of opportunity. The power to control how we use and manage resources. The promise of a cleaner, healthier world for everyone. And the energy we rely on to make it all happen.

These values inspire all of us to continue building what’s important for today to leave a greater legacy for tomorrow. A strong and resilient energy infrastructure will serve the urgent and growing needs of our community. Innovative programs and digital tools empower customers to take charge of the energy they use and save money. Expanding economic opportunities, helping local and minority businesses grow, and reaching out with contributions and volunteer projects are making an impact in the communities we serve. We have an enhanced commitment to the health of our environment and the steps to protect it for future generations .

These are our guiding the pillars, the foundation that BGE – together with our customers – continues to prioritize every day.


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