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William T. Rees, Jr., Senior Business Analyst, Vegetation Management Unit
In Anne Arundel County, Muddy Creek is a sleepy stream that empties into the Rhode River. But when heavy rains hit, a span of the Creek that crosses a BGE transmission right-of-way (ROW) turns into a high-speed sediment delivery service headed straight for the Chesapeake Bay.

The West/Rhode Riverkeeper reached out to BGE for assistance in restoring the stream – the erosion and heavy sediment negatively impacts the environment. And in this case, it also represented a potential long-term threat to BGE's 500 kV circuit and 34.5 kV pole line on the ROW.

BGE saw the environmental benefit in restoring Muddy Creek and also the ability to protect electric reliability for its customers. BGE funded approximately one-third of the project's cost to help the Riverkeeper go forward with the work, which was completed in late July.
   The stream now features several gradual curves to slow water velocity, newly created wetlands that will catch overflow and new plantings stabilize stream banks. Frogs have already moved into the wetlands, a quick endorsement for the works' effectiveness.

The area will also be maintained as an Integrated Vegetation Management site, eliminating invasive species and fostering sustainable natural ecosystems.

This restoration effort is the largest and most complex undertaken by the West/Rhode Riverkeeper and another way for BGE to move smart energy forward by preserving future reliability and the environment.

Richard Yost, Sr. Communications Specialist

healey.jpgThe Baltimore chapter of the Organization of Latinos at Exelon (OLE) showed up in force to support Soccer Without Borders-Baltimore (SWB) at its annual Small Goals Big ChanTeam DYP.jpgge tournament.

OLE helped organize and field three full teams, raising more than $3,000 that will help SWB provide enrichment opportunities to newcomer refugee, asylee, and immigrant boys and girls through year-round programs with an emphasis on academic enrichment and mentorship.

“Our teTeam BGE Home.jpgams got in the field with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and played a great game,” said Faviola Donato-Galindo, a BGE senior community relations specialist.  “Thanks to the collaborative efforts from OLE, Developing Young Professionals and BGE HOME, our group raised the most money for SWB’s important work with the city’s groKristine Schafer Pritchard.jpgwing refugee population.”

SWB raised more than $12,000, the most for any event in the national organization’s history. The organization emerged in 2009 to provide opportunities to the city’s burgeoning refugee population through soccer-based programming that encourages healthy living while developing English-language abilities, teamwork, academic success, and cross-cultural skills.

OLE is a resource group for employees dedicated to strengthening employee relationships, supporting recruitment, promoting professional development and raising diversity awareness for the Latino community in the Maryland region.

For more about SWB, please visit their website.

Vanessa Ofori, Social Media Intern

VO1.jpgExelon, and more specifically, BGE, has continuously sought out to innovate, enhance, and promote advantageous work environments – making “Diversity and Inclusion” an important pillar. This journey has thus paved the path for events like the Exelon’s Women of Leadership Panel that I recently had the pleasure of attendpanel.jpging.

It’s no secret that historically, the glass ceiling effect has been a common experience for women around the world. At BGE, we take pride in building a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees can grow and contribute their greatest potential. Women in well-deserved managerial roles include, Shaina Green - VP of Commercial Business Execution, Samara Moore - Director of IT Cyber Strategy & Engagement, Dawn White - Manager of Regional Capacity Planning, and Laura Wright- Director of Exelon Utilities Security Programs, all who resemble the driven and diverse workforce in Baltimore. 

Each of these women candidly spoke on their ladder climb in their relevant business units and how their qualities prompted them to their respected success. Regardless of their individual journeys, each speaker agreed that the culture of this company was the added catalyst to bring their careers to new heights. 

“You want to be able to bring yourself to work, be yourself, and for others to be themselves too,” Laura Wright said in regards to what bringing Diversity and Inclusion in a company really means.

panel1.JPGMessages like this seemed to remind everyone in the room to first take the time to understand and develop oneself, no matter any set differences, and then to partake in experiences that accept freedom of diversity. However, amidst the medley of races, ages, genders, and talents within the discussion, it became apparent that there was a greater message that we all intrinsically took away.

The presence of everyone alone further supported BGE’s culture where we listen, understand, and encourage success across the board. Along with each speaker’s own hard work and diligence, mentorships and sponsorships throughout their careers was the benefit like no other.

In life, different situations ultimately arise that do not only test our effectiveness in communicating with people of different backgrounds, but also our ability to unify different perspectives to collaborate. That’s life and that’s what our company helps inspire and drive.

 I am proud to say that BGE’s future looks bright, as it will be the prime example for me of what progressive integration and collaboration looks like.

Vanessa Ofori

Bob Oberle, Sr. Community Relations Specialist

BO.jpgIn 2006, Moveable Feast was asked by The Susan G. Komen Foundation to deliver meals and groceries to families impacted by breast cancer and it’s grown since then. Today, Moveable Feast serves 14 of the 24 counties in Maryland, offering its services to individuals who have a broad range of life threatening illnesses and cannot afford or do not have the ability to prepare healthy foods themsel20160614_100813.jpgves. 

The outstanding and compassionate work of the staff of Moveable Feast is supplemented by volunteers in the kitchen and garden and in the delivery of meals to clients.  In 2015, over 3100 individual volunteers donated 27,000 hours in the preparation and delivery of almost 850,000 meals to 5700 clients.

ice dam.JPGEmployees from various departments at BGE regularly volunteer at Moveable Feast. The BGE Community Affairs team recently volunteered at Moveable Feast, spending the morning helping to prepare 1,100 meals for delivery. 

The typical work duties of the Community Affairs team are to increase customer awareness of BGE programs and services, but it is always a privilege to volunteer and give back to the communities where we live and work.  We hope to visit Moveable Feast again in the near future.

For more information on BGE’s commitment to employee volunteers or to request BGE volunteers for your organizations’ projects, visit the safety and community pages on   


Ingrid Woods, Sr. Community Relations Specialist

Ingrid_Woods 100X100.jpgLast year, BGE employees, family members and friends volunteered over 25,000 hours to 200 different non-profit organizations throughout our service territory.   The Community Affairs team volunteered at HorseNet Horse Rescue in Mount Airy as one of its activities both last year and this summer.       20160614_123351.jpg

So, what is HorseNet Horse Rescue? HorseNet Horse Rescue “opened its doors” in 2000 to help horses who had come from abusive situations. HorseNet Horse Rescue facilitates the rescue and rehabilitation of horses in hopes of finding them good homes. 

How can volunteers help?

20160614_122912.jpgDonate your time:
• Feeding and grooming horses
• Filling water buckets in each stall
• Stacking hay
• Mowing grass and weed whacking
• Painting and repairing fences
• Cleaning stalls

Donate your dollars: 20160614_125100.jpg

• Because HorseNet Horse Rescue is a no-kill facility, they are currently caring for approximately 50 horses.  So, dollars are welcomed to help feed, care and provide shelter for these horses. 

If you are interested in learning more about HorseNet Horse Rescue, visit their website at To learn more about BGE’s volunteer efforts or to request BGE volunteers for your organization’s projects and events, visit and complete the online form.


Richard Yost, Sr. Communications Specialist

healey1.jpgBGE’s Spring Gardens campus has been in continuous operation since 1855 and today is a base for approximately 600 employees, electric and gas operations, a regional customer contact center and three hard-to-miss Maryland-themed murals in South Baltimore.  IMG_4203.jpg

What most people don’t know is it’s also a thriving wildlife habitat. On July 26, Patterson Park Audubon Center recognized this and named the 72-acre industrial facility an Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat. We are extremely proud to be the first corporation to earn this recognition!

Bird-friendly habitats support residential and migratory birds by providing food, water, shelter, and a suitable place to raise their young. More than 50 different bird species have been identified at Spring Gardens, which is also the site of a pollinator garden, a 155 kW solar array and a 100-foot wide riparian forest buffer along the site’s waterfront.

BGE’s commitment to the environment is a core value of the company.  We achieved the gold standard certification for environmental management, ISO 14001 certification and have been an EPA ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2012. In addition, since 2013, the company has given 28,000 free trees to customers through a $500,000 grant to the Arbor Day Foundation. BGE’s Green Grants program also awards grants of up to $10,000 to non-profits dedicated to environmental programs throughout central Maryland each year.

Patterson Park Audubon Center works to protect birds and their habitats and to improve Baltimore for birds and people. Click here to learn more about bird-friendly communities and how to take part in the program.


_DSC9489.jpgMiles Jenkins, ​Intern, Economic Development

Stepping into my internship with BGE during the summer of 2015 I had no idea what to expect. It was my first real exposure to the corporate setting in an industry that I wasn’t quite familiar with. Being from the Baltimore area, BGE has always played a vital role to the community. But having the opportunity to be a part of that effort is something I’ve taken pride in, and one of the reasons I wanted to come back for a second internship and continue to build upon a sPicture2.jpgtrong partnership.

During my previous BGE internship on the Demand Response Business Team, I was afforded countless opportunities away from the office that allowed me to see firsthand how BGE impacts its communities. At events like the annual African American Festival, I and other employees gave customers tips on how to be more energy efficient and by participating in BGE’s rebate programs. 

 I even had the chance to volunteer with other BGE interns for a day of service cleaning up the park area surrounding the Druid Hill YMCA. Not to mention, I joined a BGE technician for a ride along were I got to help make customer visits and see how BGE smart meters and thermostats are used to provide quality service to our customers.

HBS Presentation.jpgAside from the community involvement, my internship at BGE provided me with an incredible network within the Exelon family.  I built connections with interns and employees that were from all backgrounds and walks of life, many that have carried over into my second summer here in Baltimore. I even had multiple opportunities to interact with executives and other senior leadership, most notably BGE’s CEO Calvin Butler.

The opportunity to build upon this network of individuals who want to see me grow both professionally and personally is one of the factors that made my decision tPicture1.jpgo return to BGE an easy one.

This summer my role at BGE has shifted to Economic Development, where I am helping operate the newly launched SEED (Smart Energy Economic Development) program aimed at attracting and growing businesses in Maryland. The goal of the program is to reduce commercial energy costs which will translate to more jobs and ultimately open up more opportunities for Maryland’s economy. Being a part of this type of innovation is exciting and is what BGE has been about for the last 200 years.

Ammanuel Moore, Manager, Economic Development Ammanuel Moore, Manager, Economic Development

Maryland’s energy level is at an all-time high when it comes to focusing on growing the economy. And as a partner in this effort, BGE works to support business attraction, retention and growth. 

One of the first concerns that business owners have when choosing a location for their business is the cost of energy. Our Smart Energy Eco​n​omic Development (SEEDSM) program helps them save money by reducing energy and construction costs for qualifying new and expanding businesses in central Maryland – helping them create jobs and invest while invest more in their operations. So far more than a dozen approved businesses are participating in the program creating roughly 1,100 potential jobs.

Another way we help support business is through energy efficiency and conservation programs. Through our Smar​t Energy Savers program, businesses are able to manage energy costs through rebates on qualifying energy efficient equipment purchases, which also contributes to lower energy consumption.  Since the program’s inception in 2008, business customers have saved more than $10M.

BGE New Homes We are committed to working with our economic development partners to make sure businesses take advantage of our programs. We recently hosted our Energizing Business Growth Breakfast where we highlighted our programs and shared ways in which we can help our customers find business success. It’s through these venues, our partnerships, and programs that BGE works to help strengthen the business community. If you’re an owner or operator and you’re interested in learning how we might help your business, I invite you to exp​lore our programs​ or contact us. Wishing your business much success.


Richard Yost, Sr. Communications SpecialistRichard Yost, Sr. Communications Specialist

Since its humble beginnings in 1982, Artscape has grown into America's largest free arts festival, attracting more than 350,000 attendees over three days. BGE is sponsoring this year's event to help celebrate our 200th anniversary.

Artscape takes place July 15-17 in the Mount Royal, Bolton Hill and Station North Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods of Baltimore. Join us at the BGE Main Stage at The Maryland Institute College of Art which will feature international and regional musicians like Wycleff Jean and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

BGE focuses our charitable contributions on four areas: education, environment, community development and arts and culture. We celebrate the role of arts in our neighborhoods and look to support arts and culture programs that contribute to the health and vitality of the BGE community. Artscape definitely fits the bill!

Our support of this and other corporate citizenship programs is made possible through the use of Exelon shareholder dollars.  Exelon and its subsidiaries, including BGE, committed to maintaining an average of $7 million in annual charitable giving in Maryland in the decade following our merger.

This year's outer space theme, "Explore What's Out There," is inspired by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Merging art and entertainment, Artscape offers an out-of-this-world experience – we hope you can find the time to blast off with us!

The event is free and will feature over 100 fine artists, fashion designers, visual art exhibits, sculptures, photography, live concerts on outdoor stages, delicious, international food and much more!

For more information visit,

Aaron Koos, Sr. Manager CommunicationsAaron Koos, Sr. Manager Communications

​The stars and stripes will be flying proudly for Independence Day, including the flags that are part of our Spring Gardens murals in South Baltimore. 

The murals depict the flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore in 1814, less than two years before our company was founded as the first gas company in the country.  That flag was the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s poem that was eventually set to music as the national anthem of the United States, the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Unlike today’s flag with 13 stripes and 50 stars, the Star-Spangled BanSpring Gardens, flag tankner had 15 stripes and 15 stars to represent the number of states in the union at that point.  In Baltimore you can visit Fort McHenry, or the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House that was the home of Mary Pickersgill who stitched the flag.   The actual Star-Spangled Banner is on permanent display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. 

We’re excited that our murals help mark Baltimore’s proud Star-Spangled Banner history.  We’re also proud to sponsor fireworks and Independence Day celebrations throughout our service area to help mark BGE’s 200th Anniversary. 

Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth!

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