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Christopher Duncan
Manager Real Estate
  • Business Manager
  • Business Development
Renee Oswald
Sr. Real Estate Representative
  • Site Acquisition Lead
  • Business Development
  • Customers: BGE,  AT&T, Cricket, VZW

Gina Mainolfi

Sr. Real Estate Representative


  • Business Development
  • Customers: Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, Clearwire​
Jim Morris
Sr. Construction Specialist
  • Construction Lead
  • Contractor Training
  • Site Development – All Carriers
  • Projects: AT&T LTE, Clearwire​

Brian Helbing

Sr. Construction Specialist
  • Site Development – All Carriers
  • Projects: VZW LTE, Sprint Nextel
  • Telco Upgrades

Jayna Veaux
Business Analyst
  • Billing/Invoicing/Collections
  • Site Access/Key Cards/Escorts
  • Structural Analyses
Joe Zeller
Sr. Engineering Tech Specialist
  • Structural Analyses Lead
  • Transmission Engineering Interface
  • Outage Coordination (Backup)​

Brad Gemmill
Cell Site Inspector

Greg Eaton
Cell Site Inspector


  • Safety Watch
  • Transmission Construction Interface
  • Site Maintenance
Ryan Anderson
Sr. Cell Site Inspector
  • Emergency & Scheduled Maintenance
  • Safety Watch Lead
  • Cell Site Inspection Lead
  • Outage Coordinator

Exelon Security Ops Center (ESOC)

  • Site Access/Escort Request
  • (Please have the BGE Site ID available)

Trouble Report

  • Report Cell Site Trouble or Maintenance Work
  • (equip issue, safety, access, theft, vandalism, etc.)
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