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Large Customer Services

Large Customer Services

Our team aims to deliver a premiere experience to large commercial and industrial customers through industry expertise and enhanced concierge services.

Scam Awareness

We are seeing an unfortunate increase in energy-related scam attempts. We want to help protect you from these scams.

Current News & Events

Guide for Large Customers

2022 Premier Customer Meeting

Thank you to all our Premier Customers that attended the Meeting on September 29, 2022, held at the UMBC event center. This year’s event was about “Powering a Cleaner and Brighter Future” where we had a chance to exchange information about your companies’ goals around sustainability, energy savings, reliability, resiliency, grid investments, product, and service offerings.

Outdoor Lighting Program

BGE offers outdoor lighting solutions to fit your needs – and reduce your operating costs.


BGE Now features stories about BGE’s people, programs, and projects in the communities we serve throughout central Maryland.

Energy Management

Electric Vehicles

EV Smart

The EVsmart Program fuels progress on Maryland’s Air Quality and Chesapeake Bay goals, which include having 300,000 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025. BGE’s EVsmart® Program gives customers the rebates, tools and information they need to charge faster, smarter and more conveniently than ever before.

Solar Interconnection

My Green Power Connection

Green Power Connection is BGE’s process and team of experts, available for customers interested in generating their own electricity and connecting with the energy grid.

Energy Efficiency

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®

The BGE Smart Energy Savers Program provides energy-saving solutions, incentives, and programs for business customers of all sizes.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Program

BGE is a leading supplier for outdoor lighting solutions in central Maryland. From design to installation and maintenance, BGE can assist with new construction, renovations, expansions, and upgrades where additional security or illumination and beautification of your property may be needed. Let us provide you with information on competitive prices for lighting solutions, poles and fixtures.

Outage Management

Information & Reporting

If you smell natural gas or see downed power lines, leave the area immediately. For natural gas emergencies call 1-877-778-7798. For downed power lines call 1-877-778-7798.

Account Management

Billing & Payment

Manage your BGE Account

BGE offers many ways to receive and pay your bill. BGE maintains separate gas and electric service tariffs under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Property Management

Ensure Uninterrupted Service

By creating an online account, you can set up agreements with BGE to provide uninterrupted electric service to the properties you manage. It only takes a matter of minutes!

Electric & Natural Gas Service Information

Electric Service

Electric Service Assistance

If your electric power is interrupted, be sure to report the outage to us right away at 1-410-685-1400 or 1-800-685-0123.

During Business Hours
7:30AM to 4:30PM Weekdays

For outage restoration status, please contact Business Account Service at 1-410-209-1959 or your contact your LCS Representative.

After Business Hours,
Weekends and Holidays

Contact the Customer Communications Center at 1-410-685-1400. Then, ask the representative to contact a BGE Supervisor who will notify the on-call BGE Account Executive.

Reliability Investigations

Reliability Investigations

If your location is experiencing recurring reliability or power quality issues (voltage irregularities or other issues impacting your BGE service), please contact your LCS Representative to initiate a reliability investigation.

Natural Gas Service

Emergency Assistance

BGE is committed to helping our customers understand the importance of natural gas safety. Gas is colorless, tasteless, and odorless in its natural state. Therefore, BGE puts mercaptan, a safety additive in natural gas to give it a rotten egg odor and make it easier to detect.

Leave the Area, Then Call
1-877-778-7798 or 1-800-685-0123

If you smell gas inside or outside, leave the area immediately and call 911 or BGE. Emergency gas service calls are answered 24/7. A service person will respond quickly, free of charge.

Stay Safe

Remember, don’t use matches, or turn anything on, even a cell phone. Even buildings that don’t use gas can experience gas leaks from outdoors.

Natural Gas Production Day

Manage Increased Demand

A Gas Production Day (GPD) is a gas day when BGE anticipates engaging in peak shaving activities. Peak shaving is an activity where BGE manages increased demand for natural gas by utilizing our Liquefied Natural Gas (LNB) or propane facilities to inject more gas into our distribution system.

GPD activities affect all customers on the Daily Metered program (Rate Schedule C-Non-Standby and interruptible Schedules IS and ISS). You can still use the natural gas that your supplier is going to deliver to BGE, but we recommend that you inform your supplier of any anticipated gas usage increases to avoid significant gas imbalances and penalties.

Customers are contacted via automated phone call, fax and email regarding GPDs.

Natural Gas Distribution System Interruption

Gas Service Interruption

A Gas Distribution System Interruption (GDSI) is an interruption of all or a portion of Schedule IS (Interruptible Large Volume Service) and Schedule ISS (Interruptible Small Volume Service) customers due to gas distribution system operational constraints.

The interruption may be a result of weather-related and/or gas distribution system operational conditions that could adversely impact BGE’s ability to serve its Firm Service customers. Rate Schedule IS and ISS customers that contracted for Optional Firm Service Delivery Service (OFDS) can use up to the specified volume.

Customers are contacted via fax, email and automated phone call, and will receive a personal call from their BGE Account Representative regarding the GDSI.

Economic Development, Construction & Remodeling

Growing Value

Find your next location, submit your service requests and view real-time project status.

Safety & Security

Fraud & Theft

Contact us immediately to report scams or theft, and take steps to protect your account.

Damage Prevention

Always call 811 at least two full business days before you dig. Prevent damage or injuries.

Road Closures

The county or municipality should complete and email the Road Closure spreadsheet.

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