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Economic Incentives

Explore our Smart Energy for Economic Development (SEED) program.

BGE’s new economic development incentive for qualifying businesses – working to help Maryland’s economy grow!
For nearly 200 years, BGE has been Maryland’s leading gas and electric provider – serving more than 1.25 million electric and more than 650,000 gas customers. Our focus on safety, reliability and innovation has been an integral part of Maryland’s prosperity and its ability to increase economic opportunities for its residents and businesses.
As Maryland works to attract and grow businesses, BGE is ready to support the State’s efforts. We understand that a vibrant economy is the foundation for our state’s high quality of life. By providing programs, services and incentives that encourage business growth and expansion in our service territory, BGE strives to help Maryland maximize its economic potential.

The SEED Program

The SEED Program will allow qualifying businesses to invest more of their resources in their own operations by reducing BGE’s charges for service extensions and temporarily decreasing energy distribution charges. It is our hope that these reductions will help businesses grow, expand, hire and ultimately contribute to a stronger economy.

BGE’s SEED Program offers eligible commercial customers:

  • A 25% reduction on electric and natural gas distribution and demand charges
  • A 75% discount on service extension costs (for businesses that are located in a Maryland enterprise zone).

SEED Program Benefits

​Minimum qualifying load​500 kW of new electric demand per month and/or 90,000 therms of gas annually​No minimum load requirement
​New full-time job requirement​At least 10 full-time jobs​At least one full-time job
​BENEFITS​25 percent reduction for three years

​25 percent reduction for five years

Approved enterprise zone based businesses can also receive a 75 percent discount on service extension costs


SEED Program Application


To apply for the SEED program, please take the following steps:

  1. Complete the online New Business Service Request Application.  You may wish to reference the application checklist for commercial & industrial customers.
  2. Complete the online SEED application, where you will need to enter the Service Request (SR) number from your New Business application.  We no longer accept paper applications.

Note: You must login to a account to complete the New Business and SEED applications.  If you need to register for a account, please visit our account registration page.

BGE's Economic Development team will review your SEED application in parallel to our New Business team engineering and designing your new or modified service.

For more information, please use the Contact Us page or email BGE’s Economic Development Team directly at

Enterprise Zone Locations

Maryland's Enterprise Zone (EZ) program provides real property and state income tax credits for businesses located in a Maryland enterprise zone in return for job creation and investments. Not every business located in an enterprise zone is eligible to receive MD state tax credits or SEED benefits. In order to qualify, the business must be certified by the local enterprise zone administrators as eligible for benefits.

Looking to save energy costs in other ways?

BGE offers programs and incentives to help businesses improve energy efficiency and the bottom line. Visit for details. You can also email or call 1-877-685-SESP(7377).


The Maryland Energy Administration manages programs designed to help attain Maryland's Goals in energy reduction, renewable energy, climate action, and green jobs. We encourage customers to take advantage of these programs.

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SEED Brochure


Download and print our SEED brochure for more information on the program.

For more information, please use the Contact Us page or email BGE’s Economic Development Team directly at

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