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Electric Rates Information

Current Electric Supply Rates, Supply Price Comparison Information and Misc. Charges
This chart includes the current Market-Priced Standard Offer Service supply rates and miscellaneous charges included on your bill.


Electric Supply and Distribution Rates Adjustment Charts - Riders 8 and 10

These charts include the historical and latest adjustments to both the Electric Supply rates (Rider 8 – Energy Cost Adjustment) and Distribution rates (Rider 10 – Administrative Credit).

Current Distribution Charge Monthly Rate Adjustment - Rider 25
This adjustment enables the company to collect the monthly electric Distribution revenues authorized by the Maryland Public Service Commission, reflecting any change in the number of customers. 


Rider 25 Historical Rates  


Projected Supply Rates based on latest bid results


Montgomery County Fuel-Energy Tax Surcharge
This is a Commission-approved surcharge that reflects the Montgomery County Fuel-Energy tax, imposed by the Montgomery County Council, that is applied to Montgomery County customer bills.


Prince George's County Energy Tax Rate
This energy tax rate is imposed by the Prince George's County Government on the sale of electricity and natural gas used or to be used in Prince George's County.

Rider 32 - Community Solar Current Rates

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