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How to Choose & Switch

Whether you purchase your electricity and/or natural gas from a competitive supplier or from BGE, BGE will continue to safely deliver electricity and natural gas, provide billing and customer support, and respond to outages and other emergencies for all customers.

However, you can become your own smart energy manager and decide which supplier best fits your needs. Be sure to research and compare suppliers, based on cost and contract terms, and review their programs and billing options carefully. If you become interested in a supplier's offer, contact that supplier directly to discuss terms, conditions, and potential enrollment.

BGE charges the market price for gas, which changes monthly. BGE’s historical monthly gas commodity process can be used to compare BGE’s prices to suppliers’ offers. Note that past performance does not reflect future prices and prices do not include delivery costs.

For electricity supply, use the BGE Electric Supply Price Comparison Information, which appears in the Important Information About Your Bill section on your BGE bill, to compare BGE to other suppliers’ offers. This price reflects the average annual price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for generation and transmission for a BGE customer in your rate class. However, it does not include the delivery price.

Before signing a contract with a new supplier, be sure the company is licensed by the PSC and registered by BGE. View a list of suppliers and their contact information.

Choice ID Numbers

Once you have selected a supplier, contact them directly. Refer to the Electric and Gas Choice ID numbers on the front of your bill. Your Electric Choice ID numbers appears next to the Electric Current Charge graphic on your bill and the Gas Choice ID number appears next to the Gas Current Charge graphic on your bill, or you can receive them by calling 800.685.0123 and following the automated prompts. Choice ID numbers are not the same as your BGE account number. Suppliers will request your Choice ID number when you sign up for or change your electric or gas supply plan. After you authorize a supplier to enroll you, they will contact BGE.

Changing or Canceling Suppliers

If you decide to switch to another supplier or return to BGE’s supply service, there are very important steps to doing this. First check the terms of your agreement, including early termination fees, with your existing suppliers and the terms of agreement with your new supplier. You will also need your Choice ID number to initiate enrollment

If you choose to use a new supplier, that supplier will initiate enrollment and terminate service with your existing supplier.

If you choose to return to BGE’s supply service, contact your existing supplier about terminating service and returning to BGE’s supply service.

Please note, when you cancel service with a gas supplier, they process your request to meet the utility's next available cancellation cycle. When you cancel service with an electricity supplier, they process your request within two business days of receiving the cancellation request.

Moving/Name Change

Please note that any updates you make to your BGE account, such as a name or address change, should also be updated with any third parties whose charges appear on your bill.  For example, if you have a contract with an energy supplier other than BGE, please contact that supplier directly to provide your updated information and determine if there is any change to your account status.  You can find your supplier’s contact information on your BGE bill.

Supplier Contact Opt Out

You may choose to opt out of having your name, address, and energy type made available to licensed gas and electricity suppliers.

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