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Primary Service Requirements

The following information details the requirements for customers who want to be or are supplied at BGE's primary service voltages (13 kV or 33 kV). Whether you are installing new equipment, adding to existing service or modernizing, we want to guide you through the process.

Commercial, Industrial & Lighting Rates   

   Please note the following requirements that may affect your service date:

  • A complete set of site drawings, electrical drawings and an electrical specification must be submitted for approval.
  • BGE’s comments will be provided to you approximately four weeks after each drawing submittal dates.
  • It takes 5-10 business days to plan and arrange for outages at a primary supplied facility.
  • A 'Certificate of Electrical Inspection' by local authority will is required.
  • A "Certified Test Report" from an independent agency will be required.
  • These requirements are in addition to any and all requirements as detailed in the Customer Information Manual.
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