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Manage Your Properties for Uninterrupted Service

Automatic Change Name (ACN) Program

Based on a written agreement between BGE and the landlord or property owner/manager, services are not turned off when tenants notify BGE of a request for service termination. Instead the gas and/or electric service is transferred to your name and the bills are sent to your mailing address. Landlords and property managers benefit in several ways:

  • The Service Application Charge is waived when properties covered by this program transfer into your name.
  • Heat remains available to protect your property during cold weather.
  • Service is available for post-occupancy repairs and renovation and for showing the property to prospective tenants.
  • BGE notifies property owners/managers when a tenant notifies BGE of a request for service termination.

We notify you of the transfer by mail, which usually takes three business days. For properties not covered by the Automatic Change Name Program, meters are turned off when a tenant calls to discontinue service, unless contact to BGE is made to begin service at the property.

Enroll in the ACN Program Online >

Note: BGE no longer accepts paper applications to ensure timely and accurate processing of your application. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to process your request. For questions about the program or the online application, please email us directly at

Landlords and property managers can establish Automatic Change Name (ACN) agreements with BGE that provide uninterrupted service between tenants. This will automatically place billing in your name after a tenant leaves a premise, and ensure continuous service.

When registering  for ACN you may be required to provide a Social Security Number or Tax ID. If the Tax ID cannot be verified you will need to provide an SS4 or 147C Letter which is compliant with the IRS.

Property Manager Online Services (PMOS) Portal

Landlords and property owners/managers who are ACN Program participants can do the following online by using BGE's Property Manager Online Services (PMOS) portal:

  • Submit a tenant's application for service and track the application's status
  • Submit requests to add or delete properties from the ACN Program
  • Submit requests to change bill to mailing address for their properties
  • View annual consumption history for each property enrolled
  • View account holder status and effective date for each property
  • View payment information for accounts currently in their name
  • View and print current and previous bills for properties currently in their name
  • View service order information when tenants advise BGE that they are vacating


Sign Up for Property Manager Online Services (PMOS) Portal

To sign up for the PMOS portal, please send a email directly to, with the subject PMID request and include the following information:

  • Company /Personal name currently enrolled with ACN program
  • Address for one property enrolled in the Automatic Change Name (ACN) program
  • Daytime telephone number

BGE will assign you a Property Manager ID Number (PMID #) and mail it via letter to your address on record.

When you receive your PMID #, please register below


Management Features at Your Fingertips

By creating an online account, you can set up agreements with BGE to provide uninterrupted electric service to the properties you manage.  It only takes a matter of minutes!

  • Manage service to all of your properties online
  • View real-time billing responsibility
  • Add and remove properties at any time
  • Process Move-in and Move-out requests on behalf of your tenants

Sign in or Register

Your online account offers you many ways to view and manage your continuous service agreements. Already have an account? Sign in now!


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For more information on the Automatic Change Name Program, please email us directly at

For more information on the Property Manager Online Services (PMOS) portal, please email us directly at

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