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Construction and Restoration

Service installation and site restoration is phase four of the construction project process:
All personnel working on the installation of the BGE gas and electric service lines are trained and certified. If a BGE-authorized contractor does the construction work; a BGE inspector will monitor quality control on the site.
Step 1
Once your site is ready notify BGE to schedule construction of your project. Call BGE at 800.233.1854. Please have your Work Order Number and Job Address ready.
Step 2
BGE will call Miss Utility to mark the existing public underground utility lines (electric, gas, cable TV, phones, water, sewer, etc.). Miss Utility requires 48-hour notice.
Step 3
After Miss Utility marks the existing underground utility lines, BGE may need to dig test holes to verify the depth and location of underground lines to avoid damage during construction.
Step 4
BGE will install the gas and/or electric lines: Expect heavy equipment, such as backhoes, to be working around your facility. Crews from BGE or BGE contractor crews will install your lines from the gas and electric mains to the meter location. Construction equipment may be left overnight. Holes and trenches may be open during construction for connections and safety testing. All trenches and holes will be clearly marked with safety cones and/or safety fencing.
Step 5
BGE will install the gas meter assembly and electric meter socket box. If BGE has already received the certificate of approval from the jurisdictional authority, we will install the gas meter and/or the electric meter.
Step 6
Your plumber connects the building piping to your main gas valve (the point-of-service connection). BGE will connect the electric load cable to the meter socket box.
Step 7
Customer to install meter protection. If the meters are installed in locations subject to damage, the customer will be responsible for the installation of BGE-authorized meter protection.
Step 8
BGE will restore your property. During our construction, we minimize the disturbance of established lawns and pavement wherever practical. While we try our best not to disturb any existing paving, shrubbery, trees, plants, or lawn, it is not always possible.
Step 9
Once construction is complete, BGE will restore the affected areas of your property as promptly as possible.
If sidewalk or roadway sections have to be removed, temporary paving may be necessary. It may take several weeks before permanent paving is completed.

During winter months, permanent paving may be postponed until the weather is warmer.

Existing lawns will be reseeded. If the installation work is done in the winter, we'll return in the spring - a more suitable time for seeding.

The time required for restoration of your property will depend on weather conditions and the extent of the disturbed area.
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