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Service Requests

New Business Portal
Planning a new construction project? You can submit your request for construction or remodeling related services and develop a smooth plan from start to finish using our portal. The New Business Portal is a free service available to those planning new construction projects, regardless of whether or not you’re a BGE customer or have registered for online access to your account, all you need is an email address to monitor your request’s progress.

Estimated time to complete:
5-10 minutes

Already have a new business portal account with BGE?

What type of service application would you like to submit?

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If the scope of your job includes any of the following, please contact us at 1-800-233-1854 before completing the service application:

- Remove and/or relocate BGE equipment

- Increase service

  • Residential- 200 amps or less
  • Commercial & Industrial- 200 amps or less

- Reinstate a previously removed BGE meter with no new wiring 

- Request gas and/or electric availability

Please review the New Business Request process

Learn more.

New and expanding businesses located in an enterprise zone may qualify for the BGE Smart Energy Economic Development (SEED) Program. Learn more 

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