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Start, Stop, Move

Start, Move, or Stop

BGE commercial and residential customers can start new service, move service to a new address, or stop current service - online.

BGE accepts service requests up to April 12, 2020. For requests more than 30 days out, come back when your date is closer.

Start Service Icon


Start new service or add a service location to your current account.


You'll need:

New address where you’d like to start service

Date when you would like to turn on service

My Account Login or Account Validation Info (Phone and SSN/TIN or BGE PIN)

Move Service Icon


Transfer your current service to a new location in BGE’s service area.


You'll need:

My Account Login or Account Validation Info (Phone and SSN/TIN or BGE PIN)

Dates to stop service at the current address and start at the new

Address where you’d like to move service

Stop Service Icon


Permanently stop your utility service within BGE’s service area.


You'll need:

My Account Login

Date when you would like your service to stop

Ready to Begin?

Questions about reconnecting service? BGE can help

In-Progress Request

If you’ve already submitted a request, you can upload outstanding documentation here.


If you have been advised to provide additional documentation to support your BGE application, you can upload those documents here.


Additional Information

Construction Services

Whether you’re planning new construction, increasing your energy service needs, or converting an existing home or facility to natural gas, BGE can help with your project’s requirements. Learn more and contact us to discuss your needs.

Construction Services

Owner or Landlord Records for Master-Metered Buildings

If you are the owner or landlord of a master-metered building (buildings with four or more dwelling units) and you provide electricity to building occupants as part of a rental agreement, lease, condominium fee, or other charge, you must notify BGE of this arrangement for our records. Please call us at 1-800-265-6177 between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Welcome Kit

Learn more about starting, stopping and transferring your gas and electric service online.

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