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BGE updates on Dec. 23 construction accident at 2 Center Plaza

Update: Dec. 27

We learned from the construction general contractor that all but two of those hospitalized with injuries from the accident have now been released home. We continue to keep those two contractors still in the hospital in our thoughts and prayers and look forward to the speedy recovery of everyone injured.

Yesterday the high-rise crane safely removed the damaged window maintenance scaffolding platforms. The crane has been disassembled and the area streets are returned to normal traffic patterns. We appreciate the skill and dedication of the first responders and public safety team of the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City Fire Department and Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management.

Work is underway to repair the damaged roof and windows, remove any remaining debris and clean up the water damage from the fire suppression and subsequent rainstorm. The building remains largely evacuated as operations there had shifted to remote work during the pandemic. The specific cause of the incident is still being investigated.


Update: Dec. 24, 4:45 p.m.

Crane operations scheduled for Dec. 26-27 to remove damaged scaffolding from 2 Center Plaza

BGE is coordinating with the Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management and a crane contractor to safely remove two window maintenance platforms currently secured to the east-facing side of 2 Center Plaza in downtown Baltimore. The scaffolding was damaged as a result of the construction accident that occurred on Wednesday, Dec. 23, while contractors were working on the building’s air handling and boiler system.

The safety of the public, emergency responders, contractors and employees is BGE’s highest priority, so the damaged platforms were first secured in place until they could be safely removed by the specialized high-rise crane.

Crane operations are scheduled to begin in the 7 a.m. hour on Saturday, Dec. 26, and run through early afternoon on Sunday, Dec. 27. The following is the crane operations timeline:

Saturday, Dec. 26

  • 0730 to 1300 – Crane will arrive at 2 Center Plaza and be constructed/setup.
  • 1300 to 1500 – Operations will be performed to lift and remove scaffolding from the building and set it down in the plaza area where it will be deconstructed by scaffolding company.
  • 1600 – Operations for the day will cease and site will be secured.

Sunday, Dec. 27

  • 0700 – Crane deconstruction and site demobilization will commence.
  • 1300 – Crane will vacate the site.

Crane operations are expected to impact traffic in the area. We understand that this incident continues to be a disruption and appreciate the patience of the neighboring residents, businesses, motorists, and passersby as we do this work as quickly and safely as possible.


Update: Dec. 24, 7:45 a.m.

  • 12 construction contractors were treated and released from hospitals Wednesday.  The additional injured contractors are receiving treatment for non-life threatening injuries.
  • Damaged scaffolding was tightly secured to building overnight for safety and in preparation for forecasted weather and until full removal of scaffolding can begin.
  • Area surrounding building continues to be cordoned off by Baltimore Police Department for safety.
  • High rise crane being transported to Baltimore for deployment on site later this week to remove the scaffolding. Additional safe removal options being evaluated.
  • Debris removal and work underway on Thursday to secure building roof and cover windows to prevent additional damage from weather.
  • Damage assessment and investigation into cause of event continues.



On Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020, a construction related incident occurred at BGE’s offices at 2 Center Plaza in downtown Baltimore. The incident appears to be related to construction work that was occurring on the building’s air handling and boiler system. The building’s natural gas service was not active due to the construction work.

Twenty-one construction contractors were treated at area hospitals for non-life threatening injuries. No BGE employees were injured in the incident. The building was largely empty due to the upcoming holidays and remote work during the pandemic.

Window washing scaffolding was compromised because of the incident and a window washing crew was pulled to safety by the fire department. Crews worked on Dec. 23 to further secure and then remove the scaffolding that was compromised as a result of the incident.

The building has been inspected and is structurally sound, with repairs now taking place to secure the damage to the building roof and open windows from potential weather impacts.

For any additional information on the people injured, please contact the Baltimore City Fire Department.



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