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Preventing Outages

BGE invests in projects designed to prevent outages and to make electricity safe and reliable. Here are some reasons why outages have been reduced significantly:

Defending the system against nature

  • Vegetation Management - BGE invests $15 million a year to carefully prune trees that threaten wires during storms. Customers experience 57 percent fewer tree-related power interruptions in trimmed areas.
  • Wildlife Protection - Since 1995, BGE has installed many barriers and insulation materials to protect electrical components from damage caused by wildlife, resulting in a 33 percent reduction in related outages.
  • Lightning Protection Program - Lightning strikes can cause damage to both overhead and underground lines. Upgraded protection equipment has reduced related interruptions by 27 percent.

Improving technology

  • Distribution Automation - BGE has installed new equipment to isolate problem areas and restore sections automatically while the source of the problem is repaired. This means fewer outages and faster overall restoration.
  • Automatic Internal Analysis – We use computer programs to identify repeated or prolonged outages so our engineers and technicians can easily prioritize equipment repairs.
  • Thermovision - Infrared cameras detect potential problem areas on underground equipment so it can be repaired before an outage occurs.
  • Infrastructure Reliability Projects - BGE's engineers and field staff are constantly assessing and upgrading the distribution and transmission systems to enhance reliability. 

Maintaining system reliability

  • Inspection and Maintenance Program - We constantly inspect 21,000 miles of wire and thousands of electrical components to identify needed repairs.
  • Cable Replacement Program - We prevent 30,000 interruptions per year by identifying and repairing problematic underground cables.
  • Wood Pole Program - BGE inspects 350,000 wood poles regularly to check for deterioration and insect damage. We treat, reinforce, and replace poles regularly to ensure a safe network

What can you do?

The most important thing is to stay safe around electrical equipment.
Tips to remember:
  • Use the proper guidelines when planting trees near power lines or green transformer boxes.
  • State law requires you to call Miss Utility 1-800-257-7777 at least 48 hours prior to digging during a project. Utility representatives will mark underground lines so you know where wires and pipes are buried.
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