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Education Grant for Teachers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bright Ideas Teachers’ Grant program is suspended for 2020.  The program will return in 2021.  Thank you


Education is an important part of BGE’s charitable giving and an area of focus that aligns with our business. The education grant for teachers is an opportunity for in-classroom teachers to receive funding for supplies needed to support a stem or innovative technology project.


  1. Must be an in-classroom teacher
  2. Must be grades K-12
  3. School must be located within BGE service area (see list of BGE service zip codes to the right)
  4. Must fill out the on line application, provide project summary and attach school’s W9
  5. Grant range – up to $500 maximum.
  6. Request must be for an in-classroom project that supports science, innovation, energy efficiency or environment

Education Focus Areas

  • Science
  • Innovative Technology
  • Math
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Environment


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