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Use the myRates Online Tool to Find Out Which Electricity Rate Plan is Right for You.

BGE offers two pricing plans.

The Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate plan provides a flat rate regardless of when you use energy while the Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plan consists of three rates: peak, intermediate-peak and off-peak which take into account when energy demand is highest based on hour of the day, day of the week, and season. Customers who can take advantage of using electricity during off-peak times can pay less per kilowatt hour (kWh) compared to those on SOS rates.

Time of Use Pricing*

TOU rates are based on the amount of energy you use and when you use it. By utilizing TOU pricing, you can shift your electricity usage to hours where electricity costs the least, thereby lowering your total bill.

Standard Offer Service

BGE's flat rate plan is called Standard Offer Service (SOS). BGE SOS rates are provided to customers who have not chosen an alternative energy supplier and are not on a Time of Use rate.  SOS rates are approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission. Current rates can be found under Standard Offer Service.  


Logon to BGE.COM/myRates

The myRates tool helps you determine which BGE rate is best for your lifestyle. It provides an estimated annual and monthly cost comparison for both BGE rate plans, helping you identify which rate provides the greatest savings based on your usage patterns.

1. Sign up or login to BGE.COM/myRates

2. Navigate to Rates & Tariffs (left hand tab)

3. Go to myRates Comparison

If you find that you could save money by switching plans, you can switch rate plans by emailing MyHomeRep@BGE.COM or calling 1.800.685.0123 from 7 am–7 pm, Monday through Friday. 



What is an alternative energy suppler? BGE customers can choose an alternate company to provide their energy supply. Energy supply is the actual natural gas or electric commodity itself and is included as a separate line item in the bill details section of your bill. If no supplier choice is made, BGE will automatically purchase and provide energy supply for a customer at a flat rate, based on the price obtained by BGE at market auctions. Regardless of who you choose to provide your energy supply, BGE will continue to deliver your energy, maintain our equipment and respond to any energy delivery related issues you may experience.

What if I have chosen an alternate energy supplier? If you purchase your electricity from a different supplier, the BGE SOS and Time-of-Use rates do not apply for your account. The myRates tool provides

a comparison for BGE rates only. Alternative supplier rates are not accounted for within this tool. Please check with your supplier regarding their rate plans. You may be able to obtain TOU rates from your alternative energy supplier.
View additional frequently asked questions.

 *The Time of Use rate plan is an option for all residential customers and commercial customers who have monthly demand less than 60 kW. Larger commercial customers are automatically enrolled in TOU pricing.

Schedule RL is the optional TOU residential schedule and schedule GS is the optional TOU small commercial schedule. 

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