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Company Operations


Operating Emissions Reduction

Here's how BGE is monitoring and reducing emissions in our everyday operations:

  • Reducing methane leaks via our STRIDE program increases safety, and reduces emissions
  • Developing a clean gas future by piloting several technologies, including renewable natural gas, equipment that minimizes emissions during gas line repairs, and inspection tools that identify leaks earlier than previously possible
  • Replacing the need for vehicles on inspections by utilizing drones
  • Expanding work-from-home and business travel alternatives to reduce our employees' emissions footprint
  • Pursuing SF6-free insulators for our electric system
  • Retrofitting BGE facilities with increased solar generation, efficient HVAC units, LED lights and low-flow water fixtures

Electrified Fleet Vehicles

BGE has long been a leader dedicated to sustainability. Here are a few ways how BGE is monitoring and reducing emissions in our operations:

  • Committing to electrifying 50 percent of our vehicle fleet by 2030
  • Installing devices on our large trucks that eliminate emissions when the engine is on but the vehicle is not moving
  • Piloting electric excavators, trailer movers, and multiple EV charging technologies
  • Working with auto manufacturers to purchase medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that are efficient and cost-effective  
Empowering our employees

BGE employees are encouraged to propose, explore, and pilot technologies, programs, and ideas to improve the company's environmental performance:

  • BGE Sustainability Challenges encourage employees to think creatively and propose solutions to problems facing our communities
  • Our environmentally focused Employee Resource Group, EcoTeam, is a collective group of like-minded employees who are focused on creating a more sustainable, green future for our customers and communities
  • Employees donate their time and funding to non-profit causes that are important to them, including many local environmental organizations doing work within the Baltimore region
  • Electric vehicle chargers are available at all BGE facilities to encourage clean commuting options


Natural Gas Modernization

Since 2014, BGE has invested $1 billion+ in STRIDE projects to modernize the natural gas system. To date, we have reduced methane gas emissions by nearly four million pounds. When BGE's STRIDE plan is complete, annual emissions will be reduced by 210,000 metric tons compared to 2013.

Electric Infrastructure Modernization

BGE will invest $2.5 billion+ between 2021 and 2023 to modernize electric infrastructure, which drives down emissions through increased efficiency. This includes replacing out-of-date technologies to improve reliability and enable greater adoption of solar energy and electric vehicle charging.


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Meter reading by sunshine

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