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Empowering our customers



  • Through BGE's EVsmart program, customers can apply for electric vehicle (EV) charger rebates to help reduce the cost of owning a home charging station
  • BGE is creating an EV public charging network that includes 500 Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers throughout our service area and commercial fleet owners can charge their EV on the network for a reduced price with a discounted fleet rate
  • EV owners can take advantage of a reduced electric rate for charging their EV during off-peak hours


  • Since 2008, BGE's Smart Energy Savers Program has saved residential customers 3.5 billion+ kilowatt hours of electricity, and business customers 2.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, through 2020.  This equates to $6.4 billion in lifecycle energy costs savings for customers, in addition to customer benefits of $718 million+ in rebates and $360 million+ in bill credits. 
  • provides customers the opportunity to compare and purchase energy efficient lighting, appliances and smart home devices with instant rebates applied at check-out.
  • BGE customers have access to savings tools to track their energy usage, get advice on how to reduce monthly bills and review tips for how to reduce energy at home.
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  • BGE's "My Green Power Connection" provides a one-stop online resource for exploring solar energy systems. Customers can find information on solar basics, costs, and the interconnection process, as well as tools to find incentives and rebates.
  • BGE has streamlined the regulatory application process for a quicker path to interconnection
  • BGE supports customers and developers interested in joining or building community solar resources.

Case Studies

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BGE trash cages prevent nearly a ton of trash from washing into Patapsco River 

Runoff from large area of south Baltimore flows out of two storm drains at BGE’s Spring Gardens facility – and leaves trash behind.

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Frontlines: How BGE’s stopping gas leaks from the inside out

CISBOT gives BGE a more cost-effective way to repair and rehabilitate a century-old gas main in the heart of downtown Baltimore with no disruption to customers

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