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Contractor Assistance Request

If you are a contractor requiring BGE assistance removing or trimming trees, please complete the following form, Contractor Assistance Form. Fax your completed form to BGE's Forestry Unit: 1-443-213-3317.

Please allow 7-10 business days for a BGE representative to contact you. When you bid tree jobs which involve BGE equipment, BGE must inspect all jobs and will provide assistance only as required. We may de-energize our equipment, power lines, or provide clearance for our lines. This normally takes 2-4 weeks and outages may be cancelled by the utility. A list of Planned Electrical Outages is available. You must have the outage number provided by the Forester who scheduled your outage.

BGE is not responsible for removing wood debris. Tree(s) must be marked in order for BGE to provide support. Do not use this form to file a claim with BGE. For claims, please download this form.

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