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Damage Prevention and Safety Training

BGE's "Dig Smart" training DVD details the procedures to follow before, during and after digging. Designed to be viewed by anyone who needs to dig into the ground for any reason- whether planting shrubs or trees or excavating during construction-related jobs- "Dig Smart" outlines the ways to avoid striking underground gas and electric facilities.

This award-winning Damage Prevention training DVD is also endorsed by other organizations as an effective way to help prevent damages and accidents. Watch the online trailer, then order a full-length version (12:30 minutes) by calling 1-410-470-6698.

The DVD is available in English and Spanish.
To schedule Damage Prevention training, safety meetings or tailgates, contact us at 410-470-6698.

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To order a free copy of the Dig Smart DVD or to schedule training on excavation safety, please contact BGE’s Damage Prevention team at 1-410-470-6698.
Please indicate whether you would like the DVD in English or Spanish.

Llámenos al 1-410-470-6698 para ordenar una copia gratis del Dig Smart DVD.

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