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Electrical Surges

Electrical disturbances, known as surges, have a number of causes such as lightning, falling tree limbs, etc. Most of the time, surges are harmless. However, occasionally, a surge can cause damage to electrical equipment in your home.

BGE recommends using good-quality surge protection equipment for all electronics, or consider getting whole house protection to safeguard your equipment. With so many devices on the market, how do you know if you’re selecting a reliable one?  Here are some tips:

  • Most of us like 'power strips' because they have multiple outlets. Be aware that a power strip is not necessarily a surge protector.
  • Select a known industry manufacturer.
  • Look for a multi-year product warranty and check for a 'connected equipment damage warranty.'
  • Some vendors provide this 'insurance' starting at $2500
  • Make sure that there is an easy and clear way to contact the manufacturer for support.
  • Select a product that has indicators that your wiring is functioning (site wiring fault indicator) and the product's protection is sound.
  • Look for the UL listing details (on the package or the product) showing voltage ratings of 330V between L-N, L-G and N-G.
  • For TVs, select a surge protector that incorporates coaxial (TV cable) protection.
Battery Backups
These products are recommended for home computers. Their purpose is to keep the power on during short interruptions, and in case of an outage they allow you to save your work and shut down the computer properly. Here are some tips on selecting a battery backup:
  • Select a known industry manufacturer.
  • Make sure that there is an easy and clear way to contact the manufacturer for support.
  • Look for built-in surge protection (some units carry surge protection warranties).
  • Choose one with a long term 'all inclusive' (including the batteries) warranty.
  • Check to see if it has an audible alarm when the unit goes on battery.
  • Look for UL 1778 and FCC Part 15 Class B listings.
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