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Gas Leak Repairs

​Learn how BGE responds to, assesses and repairs natural gas leaks.

Understanding BGE's Gas Leak Repair process

BGE is committed to maintaining a safe and reliable natural gas system and this begins with helping you understand how to live and work safely around natural gas pipelines and facilities. 

If you smell gas, inside or outside, leave the area immediately and go to a safe place where you can call BGE at 877-778-7798.

Responding to reported natural gas odors

Emergency gas service calls are answered 24/7.  If a natural gas odor is reported, BGE immediately dispatches a technician to the location.  BGE will inspect for indications of natural gas, make the area safe, and repair BGE's equipment.  There is no charge to our customers to investigate a gas leak.

Assessing reported natural gas odors

If natural gas is detected, the technician will continue to investigate to identify the extent of the leak, determine if the leak poses an immediate hazard, and will not leave until the area has been deemed safe.

Leaks on customer-owned equipment

If BGE's assessment of the reported natural gas odor determines the leak is on customer-owned equipment, such as piping and gas-fed appliances located after the gas meter, BGE may need to interrupt gas service to make the area safe. The customer is responsible for necessary inspection and repairs of their equipment.

Repairing natural gas leaks

There are a few possible scenarios you may experience as BGE works to repair a gas leak in your neighborhood.

For gas leaks that require an immediate repair:

  • BGE's technician will make the repair immediately if possible, or

  • BGE's technician will monitor the area until a crew arrives to repair the leak

    • Typically, no additional work is required

    • If necessary, BGE will schedule an upgrade of your gas service line for a later date

For gas leaks that do not require an immediate repair, BGE will always make sure the area is safe, and:

  • BGE or our authorized contractor will contact you to arrange for repair work on your gas service pipe or

  • BGE or our authorized contractor will return at a later date to complete repair work which does not affect your gas service pipe

Turning off gas service to repair a leak

Many leaks are repaired safely without interrupting gas service. However, in some circumstances, BGE may need to turn off your gas service to maintain the safety of the public and our employees.

If your gas is turned off during the gas leak repair process:

  • BGE or our authorized contractor will need to access our inside piping and meter to restore service

  • We will need to relight any of your gas appliances

  • We will attempt to make arrangements with you to complete this work

  • If we have been unable to access the inside piping and meter to restore your service, please contact BGE at 800-685-0123 to schedule an appointment


BGE Authorized Contractors

BGE uses authorized, qualified contractors to assist us in repairing gas leaks in a timely manner. These companies may contact you on behalf of BGE to arrange for repair work on your gas service pipe.

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