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Overhead Line Clearance

Before you climb higher look for the wire- BGE Overhead Line Safety ad For your safety and the safety of others, BGE urges you to stay away from overhead power lines.  By law, if you or your equipment is working within 10-feet of those lines, you are required to contact BGE at 1-800-685-0123 prior to the start of any work. Remember, no work can start until all safety measures are complete.
The Maryland High Voltage Line Act (HVLA) is in place to help prevent unnecessary injuries.  Whether you are doing the job yourself or using a contractor, the HVLA still applies and it must be followed.  Be advised that any person who violates any part of the Act is subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both.
10-Foot Safety Zone Tips:
  • Encourage children to play away from overhead lines. Avoid flying kites, model airplanes or other toys near lines.
  • If a toy gets caught in a power line, do not try to remove it - call 1-800-685-0123
  • Don't place swimming or wading pools under or near power lines
  • Don't ever climb utility poles, towers or trees that are close to power lines
  • Don't build playhouses, tree forts or platforms in trees with power lines in or near them
  • Avoid overhead electrical wires when placing or moving using ladders and always carry ladders horizontally, not vertically. Even wooden ladders can conduct electricity.
Electrical wires? Telephone wires? Cable? Don't guess! Always assume all lines are energized and always call BGE before starting any work within 10-feet of overhead lines.
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