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Our Crews Respond Quickly to Storm Damage

Adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds and storms, can injure trees and tree limbs. In turn, broken or split tree limbs or uprooted trees can damage overhead electric lines and cause power outages.


Notify BGE: 1-800-685-0123

If you see a broken tree limb lying on a power line or likely to fall on a power line, do not touch it. Please report it by calling 1-800-685-0123. Always try to avoid tree limbs near power lines and do not make contact with the tree. If possible, also notify neighbors to stay clear.

If you are able to safely observe the situation, please provide the following information when you call BGE:

  • Is the injured tree or broken tree limb contacting a power line or could it potentially fall on a power line?
  • Is the power line between two poles, or between a pole and a home or building?
  • Are there any other potentially dangerous situations evident, such as proximity to schools, playgrounds, bodies of water or existence of nearby wildlife/livestock?

Debris Disposal

Our first priority in response to any storm is to restore electric service to customers as quickly and as safely as possible, and to keep electrical facilities safe. To achieve these goals, BGE clearance crews have specific duties which differ from customer obligations.

BGE Responsibility: Cutting, trimming or removing trees or branches from our equipment in an effort to restore service and ensure future reliability.

Customer Responsibility: The disposal of branches, logs or other debris associated with trees damaged by storms, ice, winds or other natural causes.

Please note, BGE cannot assist customers with the disposal of tree debris, as it would impede our crews’ ability to respond in a timely manner to other power outage situations and it could also create safety concerns. If you need assistance with tree debris removal, visit to find local tree service companies that are accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association. There may be a cost associated with this service.

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