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Tree Trimming Assistance

Large trees and branches can cause extended power outages when they interfere with overhead power lines. While BGE has an extensive maintenance program in place which helps keep lines clear for distribution lines and transmission rights of way, we understand there may still be a need for further assistance. Options for tree trimming near service wires or between poles on or near your property are explained below.

Safety: Do not climb trees or trim trees that are located near power lines without taking necessary precautions first. It is important for an individual or the equipment used by an individual to maintain a minimum of 10 feet of clearance from energized lines. Hiring a qualified licensed contractor who is familiar with the safety requirements is a safer alternative. Always keep children away from trees that are near power lines. Even momentary contact with a power line, or a tree or branch that is in contact with a power line, can severely injure or kill. Contact BGE for further assistance.

Tree Trimming Schedule

BGE's online tree trimming schedule provides a map-based guide to when and where we plan to conduct tree trimming over the next several months.
  • To find out if we'll be working in your area, enter your address below.
  • If your property will be affected, BGE will notify you directly. For more information, please call 1-800-685-0123
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