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Baltimore City Conduit Projects

​BGE is focused on delivering reliable and safe energy to our customers. As part of this commitment, BGE entered into an agreement with Baltimore City that allows BGE to invest more than $138 million in improvements to the City's conduit system through 2026. The conduit carries segments of BGE electric distribution cables that serve customers in Baltimore City.

This agreement benefits our customers, the City, and BGE in several ways:

  • Conduit work is now a capital improvement effort, which will lessen customer bill impacts. Costs were previously a maintenance fee, which by regulation were required to be directly passed on to our customers. Now BGE will recover the capital contributions in our rates over time, which reduces customer bill impact as opposed to the previous fee model that would have had a significant impact on customer rates.
  • Baltimore City retains ownership and control of the conduit system and will own all future upgrades.
  • Baltimore City, contractors, and the other users of the system are still able to perform additional work on the system if necessary.
  • BGE will continue to partner with the City to prioritize projects.

These investments in the City's conduit system will enhance BGE's electric system, benefitting customers and supporting the State of Maryland's net-zero emissions goals.

Conduit project information for customers

Customers may reference the work order number for the project in their area to find additional project information in the table below. BGE crews will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to you and your neighbors during these important service reliability projects. Contact BGE at if you have any questions.

(Project information forthcoming)

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